Rifkind's pal sold guns to killer


Malcolm Rifkind MP
By Gina Davidson
Edinburgh Evening News, Saturday March 23 1996 - Front-page lead
Edinburgh Evening News
THE man who sold guns to Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton is a close friend of Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, the Evening News can reveal today.

Gun shop owner Robert Bell, who lives in Balerno, is chairman of the Conservative party for Edinburgh Pentlands constituency - the seat held by Mr Rifkind. Today Mr Rifkind backed Mr Bell and said he was a man he held in high regard.


"I have known Bob a long time and he is a very responsible businessman and a man I have deep respect for," he said.

Mr Bell, who is reported to have said he would sell the guns again despite the murder of 16 children and their teacher, will play a key role in Mr Rifkind's campaign at the next General Election. [Ed ~ A safe seat that Rifkind would lose. You at least deserve plaudits for that, Robert.]

Mr Rifkind denied the pair's friendship would affect his position on gun laws.  "The fact that I know Bob is not going to affect my stance," he said.

But the Foreign Secretary, in the Capital to celebrate the Conservatives' council by-election win in Baberton refused to state his views on gun law because of the public inquiry launched by the Government.

Today Labour MP for Edinburgh South, Nigel Griffiths, said: "This endorsement of Mr Bell by Mr Rifkind is really rather premature. I think that Lord Cullen should be investigating the role of all those who were supplying guns and ammunition to this monster.  Clearly the issue of the responsibility of people who sell guns has to be examined thoroughly."

Hamilton bought his arms and ammunition from Mr Bell at his gun shop D Crockart & Son, King Street, Stirling.  He has been an occasional customer for many years.


Today, Mr Bell refused to comment on his friendship with Mr Rifkind.  After the gym-hall massacre, he said Hamilton's purchases from his shop were authorised under firearms regulations.

"His conduct on each occasion was correct in every respect," he said.  Hamilton had been at Mr Bell's shop only a few weeks before he shot 28 calmly primary one children and their teacher in Dunblane Primary ten days ago.

Mr Bell would not say whether the three 9mm pistols and the revolver found at the scene were bought from him.  But he confirmed his shop had the permit to sell handguns and that Hamilton had the correct licence.  [Ed ~ Did Bell confirm or deny he was a Freemason?]

The Cullen Inquiry will start taking evidence in June.LINK

Lord Cullen's report will cover [Ed ~ "cover up"] the events leading up to the tragedy, the licensing of guns, school security and the working of Hamilton's mind.LINK

[Ed ~ Why was Robert Bell was not called as a witness to the Cullen Inquir?.LINK]

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