Part of Tom Minogue's formal complaint to Central Scotland Police (Family Unit Bannockburn) regarding allegations of physical and sexual abuse of pupils at Queen Victoria School Dunblane between 1989 & 1992.


  1. Explanatory note including the background of the complaint LINK

  2. Submissions to Lord Gill as Commissioner of QVS LINK

  3. Report re the Abuse and Bullying of Children at QVS LINK

  4. First Letter to the Board of Commissioners of QVS + Responses LINK

  5. Letter to Lord Ross (former Lord Justice Clerk - succeeded by Lord Cullen) LINK

  6. Letter to Lord Lang of Monkton LINK

  7. Letters to Colin Boyd, the Lord Advocate LINK

  8. Letter asking Lord Boyd about his Masonic status LINK

  9. Ogilvie LINK ,  Boal LINK &  Ure's LINK  Evidence Transcripts to the Cullen Inquiry LINK

  10. Cullen Uncovered LINK

  11. Lord George Robertson LINK

  12. Letters (2) to Det Sup John Anderson, Central Scotland Police LINK

  13. QVS Board of Governors & Correspondence Log LINK

  14. Complaint of Physical and Sexual Abuse at Loch Lomond - 21st Day of Inquiry LINK

  15. Final Letter to Lord Gill (7 June 2003) LINK

  16. Formal Complaint to Elish Angiolini, Solicitor General LINK

  17. Acknowledgement of Solicitor General Angiolini's rejection LINK

  18. Request to the Solicitor General to reconsider the Complaint LINK

  19. Letter advising the Solicitor General of my (Tom Minogue's) Complaint to the Police LINK

- ENDS -

The following is Tom Minogue's further attempts to obtain justice for the victims of Dunblane, and also the pupils in Queen Victoria School (QVS) who were physically and sexually abused there.  He also endeavours to compel members of the Judiciary to declare their status regarding Freemasonry. LINK

  1. Press release about Tom Minogue's Petition PE306 calling for the Scottish Parliament to request existing, and future, members of the Judiciary to declare and register membership of organisations such as the Freemasons LINK

  2. Tom Minogue's Petition PE306 to the Scottish Parliament LINK

  3. Central Scotland Police refuse to investigate Tom Minogue's formal complaint about physical and sexual abuse at Queen Victoria School (QVS) LINK

  4. The Justice 2 Committee goes against the Scottish Executive, telling it judges must declare membership of Freemasonry LINK

  5. Last but by no means least, Tom Minogue's in-depth review of the widespread Masonic involvement and cover-up.LINK
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Tom Minogue
Let Justice Be done Though The Heavens Fall
Dunblane Whitewash
Dunblane City Sign
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Dunblane Public Inquiry
Dunblane Massacre
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Dunblane Angels
St Blane's Church Dunblane
The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 massacre.
List of the victims of the Dunblane massacre
Victoria Clydesdale
Mhairi MacBeath
Charlotte Dunn
Melissa Currie
Emma Crozier
Kevin Hassell
Ross Irvine
David Kerr
Gwen Hodson/Mayor - schoolteacher
John Petrie
Hanna Scott
Joanna Ross
Sophie North
Emily Morton
Maegan Turner
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan
We know who killed the above victims, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!
Why did Lord Cullen try to bury William Burns' letters to him for 100 years? LINK