Dunblane Massacre
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Dunblane Angels
St Blane's Church Dunblane
The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 massacre.
List of the victims of the Dunblane massacre
Victoria Clydesdale
Mhairi MacBeath
Charlotte Dunn
Melissa Currie
Emma Crozier
Kevin Hassell
Ross Irvine
David Kerr
Gwen Hodson/Mayor - schoolteacher
John Petrie
Hanna Scott
Joanna Ross
Sophie North
Emily Morton
Maegan Turner
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan
We know who killed the above victims, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!
Why did Lord Cullen try to bury William Burns' letters to him for 100 years? LINK
Home Page
William Burns' letters to Lord Cullen illegally "GAGGED" by Cullen for 100 years
Assault on Thomas Hamilton by mother at Linlithgow Academy
Board of Her Majesty’s Commissioners who had a legal responsibility for the welfare of the pupils at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane
Chapter from a book by Dr Mick North, a father of a Dunblane victim.
Police to "supposedly" probe abuse at Queen Victoria military school (QVS)
Crown Office Claptrap
Lord Cullen embargoed his own internal letter to his Clerk to the Cullen Inquiry
Cullen put on his 100-year closure order a letter that was previously published in The Scotsman
Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes' memo about Thomas Hamilton is ignored!
Dunblane Cover-up is a response to Mick North, who told the media there was no conspiracy by Central Scotland Police
Dunblane Digest
Dunblane: Questions still remain unanswered after closed files released
First policeman at the scene of the shootings, who arrived while Thomas Hamilton was still alive, is astonishingly not called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry
Founding members of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh (Spec)
Frank Cook MP reveals Thomas Hamilton's Masonic lodge
Freemasonic involvement in Dunblane Tragedy
Hansard - Lord Burton's questions to Her Majesty's Government
House of Lords complicity in the Dunblane Inquiry Whitewash
If you want answers to the Thomas Hamilton killings then QVS is the place to go and DIG - ex-housemaster of QVS
Queen Victoria School (QVS) has links to Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane killer
Martin Frost, semi professional party litigant's, revelational disclosures on Dunblane from his web site
Membership of the Board of Her Majesty's Commissioners of Queen Victoria School, Dunblane
Membership of the secretive, Masonic and highly-suspect Speculative Society of Edinburgh (Spec)
Paul Todd wants to ensure that Freemasonic involvement in the Dunblane tragedy receives open public consideration
Public Petitions Committee or Paedophile Protection Cartel?
Quotes by Authors and other Famous People about Masons and Masonry
A chapter from Jimmy Holland's book "Scottish Hard Bastards" about the Dunblane massacre
Those with principal responsibility for the custody and care of the child sex-abuse victims at QVS, Dunblane
A summary of the events in Thomas Hamilton's life
Cullen Inquiry - Ian Steven Boal's reference to Dunblane's Queen Victoria School - not adequately probed at Inquiry
Cullen Inquiry - Robert Comrie Heslop Deuchar's innocuous mention of Freemasonry, which Lord Cullen used to deny Hamilton was a Mason
Cullen Inquiry - Robert Mark Ure's reference to Dunblane's Queen Victoria School - not adequately probed at Inquiry
Police lambasted for "incompetence" in allowing Hamilton to keep guns
Letters to Public Officials & Newspapers
Distinguished people tell the Lord Advocate Colin Boyd there is no justification for the 100-year embargo
Formal complaint by Tom Minogue to Central Scotland Police about child abuse at Queen Victoria School
My letter published in The Scotsman is gagged by Lord Cullen for 100 years
Letter to Lord Cullen, asking him to resign for his ignominious role in the Dunblane Inquiry Whitewash
Letter to the Public Petitions Committee with damning evidence that was ignored
Letter to the Public Petitions Committee, informing them of Lord Burton's "cover-up" claim
Sandra Uttley's very important questions to Lord Cullen and to Colin Boyd, the Lord Advocate are ignored
The Lord Advocate Colin Boyd refuses to tell William W Scott where the authority came from to impose a 100-year closure order on the Dunblane inquiry documents
Tom Minogue's CD, including letters to parties trying to distance themselves from any blame for the Dunblane Cover-up
Two letters to the Lord Advocate Colin Boyd
Who changed Thomas Hamilton's clothes in the gym hall after his death, and why?
William W Scott is denied information from the Freedom of Information Unit
20th Anniversary of Dunblane massacre remembered at SNP Conference
Petitions & Motions to the Scottish Parliament
Carolyn Leckie MSP's motion to the Scottish Parliament calling for a new Dunblane Inquiry
Petition PE306 by Tom Minogue
Petition PE652 by William Burns
PE652 - transcript of hearing before the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament
Petition PE685 by William Burns
Petition pe948 by William Burns
Sandra Uttley's petition to the ECHR
Sandra Uttley's petition to the House of Commons, which was, in turn, conveniently parried to the Scottish Parliament
Three separate petitions relating to the massacre are to be discussed at the Scottish Parliament - 22 March 2006
Central Scotland Police
Crown Office Edinburgh
Crown Office
Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster

Lord Cullen
Lord Cullen
Colin Boyd Lord Advocate
Colin Boyd Lord Advocate
James Cardle Procurator Fiscal
James Cardle Dumbarton Fiscal
Helen Eadie MSP
Helen Eadie MSP
The Queen
Jack McConnell First Minister
Prince Philip
Prince Philip
Tony Blair
Tony Blair
Malcolm Rifkind MSP
Malcolm Rifkind
Grand Lodge of Scotland
Grand Lodge of Scotland
Michael McMahon MSP
Michael McMahon MSP
Linda Fabiani MSP
Linda Fabiani MSP
Jackie Baillie MSP
Jackie Baillie MSP
John Scott MSP
John Scott MSP
Sandra White MSP
Sandra White MSP
Mike Watson MSP
Mike Watson  former MSP
John Farquhar MSP
John Farquhar Munro MSP
Michael Forsyth MP
Michael Forsyth
Lord James Douglas Hamilton
James Douglas Hamilton
Elish Angiolini
Elish Angiolini Solicitor General
Lord Gill
Lord Gill Lord Justice-Clerk
Ian Lang MP
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Ian McKenzie Retired Police Superintendent
Dr Ian Oliver
Dr Ian Oliver - former Chief Constable of Central Scotland
Jim Wallace QC MSP
Jim Wallace MSP - former Justice Minister
Jack McConnell MSP
Jack McConnell First Minister
Lord George Robertson
George Robertson ex-NATO Chief
The agencies and individuals below are among those who chose, and still choose, to either ignore the truth about Thomas Hamilton's "charmed" life and his successful gun licence and boys' clubs' applications, and his association with the high-profile paedophile ring connected to Queen Victoria School, or they resisted outside interference, abetting both him and the paedophile ring.  Click the images below for relevant links.
Newspaper Articles
"It was a massive cover-up by a 'Super Mason' group," - Lord Burton, former Grand Master Mason
"Not enough evidence of indecency to prosecute Thomas Hamilton," says James Douglas-Hamilton
Abuse probe school [QVS] has links to Dunblane killer
Allegations of widespread and systematic bullying are rejected 4 years before the Dunblane massacre
Carolyn Leckie MSP calls on the Scottish Executive to order a new inquiry into the Dunblane masscare
Central Region ill-advised by senior legal advisers over the Ombudsman's decision in 1983, ignoring the Ombudsman's decison in '89 and '92 to terminate Thomas Hamilton's lets in Lothian and Fife
Chief Constable KNEW Thomas Hamilton
Cullen rules that prosecutors do not have to justify their decisions not to prosecute Thomas Hamilton
Despite ten complaints against Hamilton, Councillor Robert Ball stands by him
Detailed dossier of shocking claims is drawn up, as duo demand another inquiry
Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes disclosure about Thomas Hamilton ignored!
Dr Robert Ball sees photos of children and still signs one of his punters' (Hamilton's) application for lets
Dunblane Dad battles to see hidden Dunblane file
Dunblane families demand release of further 100 files
Dunblane killer QVS abuse school
Dunblane Public Inquiry Notice of Preliminary Hearing
Dunblane Reports Released
EU Court to probe Dunblane atrocity
Fiscals not to be questioned why they took no action against Thomas Hamilton
Fiscals set to escape grilling at the Cullen Inquiry
George Robertson, Michael Forsyth and James Douglas-Hamilton's letters included in the 100-year closure order
Hamilton - Immune From Prosecution
Thomas Hamilton's movements before the massacre
Thomas Hamilton was obsessesd with guns and young boys - Report on the day following the massacre
House of Commons - Prime Minister's Question Time the day after the massacre
If Lord Cullen succeeded, how can he also have failed? - Ian Bell
Jack McConnell shames Scotland by praising the discredited Lord Cullen before his "forced" retiral
Lord Cullen stunned by William Burns' question about Masonic links
Lord Cullen's original inquiry was'deeply flawed'." - Carolyn Leckie MSP
Lord Lang, President of the Board of Her Majesty's Commissioners at QVS from 28 November 1990 to 5 July 1995, accused over Marsh fraud
Martin Short, author of "The Brotherhood" says it's bad news for the Masons if Thomas Hamilton was one of the Brethren
Mason honoured in Nova Scotia - photo with "Brother" Kinley, the Queen and Prince Philip in Nova Scotia
Masonic link may explain Hamilton's "charmed life"
Masons in Wales
MSPs and others in public office should declare their membership of secret societies
MSPs tell the Scottish Executive: "Judges should be forced to declare membership of the Freemasons."
Norman Tebbit backs campaign to release Dunblane files
Police accused by Sandra Uttley of being involved in a conspiracy of silence over the paedophile ring
Police did not carry out routine checks on two decades of criminal intelligence
Police lambasted for incompetence
Police press for investigation on Masonic links
Policeman's tears call halt to questioning
Police Superintendent tries to justify Thomas Hamilton's gun licence renewals
Queen Victoria School has been rocked by scandals and is now at the centre of a probe - four teachers face probe for sex and bullying
QVS rocked again
Rifkind's pal sold guns to killer
The curb on reporting is not to be reported
Prominent people with no official connection to the school, who were known as the “Friends of QVS”, visited the school and took boys home for weekends
Was Thomas Hamilton's death ritualistic?
Thomas Hamilton was obsessed with young boys
Veil of secrecy
Was the 100-year closure order imposed because it linked Thomas Hamilton to establishment figures?
Who does the 100-year ban protect?
Why did it take so long for the police to,even "feign" an intent to probe claims of abuse at Queen Victoria School?
Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth MP and the Lord Advocate chose the "right judge" for the whitewash within a day of the Dunblane massacre
The Ship Of State Sails On In Majesty Having Unloaded Unwanted Passengers - Death of Diana Poem: Vehicular Homicide
The Masonic Invisible Empire
Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
My Fight Exposing The Illegal Poll Tax
Scotland Map
Dunblane Whitewash
Dunblane City Sign


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