[Ed ~ Two letters from Sandra Uttley to the Clerk to the Cullen Inquiry, Glynis McKeand, and a further letter to the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd.]

Dear Ms McKeand

I would be grateful if you could bring this email to the attention of Lord Cullen.  In his report into the Shootings at Dunblane Primary School, Lord Cullen writes (page 12) that Thomas Hamilton was wearing "black corduroy trousers" whereas the off-duty police officer (who did NOT give evidence at the Inquiry) who entered the gym immediately after the shootings clearly states that Hamilton was wearing a "black boiler suit".  I have long believed that Hamilton's clothes were removed on scene and replaced with other clothes, and this would seem to confirm it.  Could Lord Cullen explain why?

Furthermore, Lord Cullen states in his report (page 13) that the janitor, John Currie, "removed the revolver from Thomas Hamilton's hand"LINK when the off-duty police officer [Ed. ~ Grant McCutcheon] in his statement clearly states that it was a pistol, NOT a revolver.LINK

Why did Lord Cullen write these factual inaccuracies in his report?  I look forward to hearing from Lord Cullen on this very serious matter as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Sandra Uttley
[Ed ~ Address removed at the behest of Sandra Uttley.]

Dear Ms McKeand  [Ed. ~ Further letter from Sandra Uttley to the Clerk to the Cullen Inquiry Glynis McKeand.]

Thank you for your email today.  I am sorry that Lord Cullen has no comment to make.LINK This will reflect very badly on him and his long 'distinguished' career.  Please bring the following to his attention.  I will not be letting this matter drop.

Yours sincerely
Sandra Uttley

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Dear Mr Boyd [Ed ~ Letter by Sandra Uttley to the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd.]

After making enquiries with the Freedom of Information Officer at Central Scotland Police, yesterday I received a copy of the witness statement of the off-duty police officer who was the first police officer to enter the gymnasium on 13 March 1996.  For some reason this statement did not make it into the National Archives of Scotland and I think this requires an explanation.  In Mr Brims accompanying letter, he writes:

Recently we wrote to you in relation to a FoI request concerning the identity of an off-duty police officer who entered DPS gymnasium shortly after the shootings there on 13th March 2005 (sic)   At that time we understood that the statements of all those adults who were present at the gym and surrounding area in the immediate aftermath of the shootings there had been deposited in the NAS for the public to consult following redaction to protect personal information.LINK  It has now come to our attention that the statement of the off-duty police officer who was the subject of your request has not yet been deposited.  I am hoping to arrange with the other parties for the deposit of this document in the near future, but in the meantime I enclose a redacted copy in the hope that you will find it of relevance and interest.

There are some interesting points in this statement:

I further observed the janitor who was standing to the left side of a black figure lying on the floor.  I knew he was the gunman.  I formed this opinion as he had shot himself in the head and together with other factors in my mind I took him to be as such.  As I took all this in and formed my opinions I saw two pistols there.  I saw that his head had been blown away and the contents were behind him (how did Professor Busuttil manage to retain the brain for neuropathological examination then?)   I was focused on this image.  I then saw the janitor bend down at the gunman's left side and saw him retrieve a pistol.  It was dark coloured and was not a revolver.  I cannot describe it further.  I also saw a further pistol lying to the left side of the gunman's body.  That was dark coloured as well and was not a revolver.  I also said to the janitor as he stood up to put the pistol down on the floor.  I saw him place it at his feet (where was the revolver Hamilton used to kill himself then?)...  I also saw, at the same time as all this, that the gunman was gurgling and breathing heavily.  I formed the opinion that he was still alive but obviously nearing death.  He was wearing a black boiler suit and he had a tan coloured leather holster around his waist on his left side (note, ONE holster, not 4, as we were told at the Inquiry).  I saw magazines, black coloured, lying about him.  I did see spent cases of ammunition lying about his body too.  I could not put a number on them.  I didn't see ear defenders on the gunman at all (well who removed them?).

Did the Crown Office deliberately withhold this statement because it clearly states that the witness did not see a revolver, only 2 pistols?  And that Hamilton only had one holster, not 4?  If Hamilton did not have a revolver with him, how on earth did he kill himself with a Smith & Wesson revolver?LINK  Did the Crown Office deliberately select the headteacher Ron Taylor to give evidence at the Inquiry, and not this police officer, because Ron Taylor didn't know a pistol from a revolver?  In evidence Mr Taylor simply referred to 2 guns (NOTE, he didn't see 4 guns either - nor did the janitor John Currie).  According to DCS Ogg, no-one spoke to moving the 4th gun.

So now we know that the driver of the grey car was NOT Hamilton's neighbour, as you originally told me.  We also know that the CCTV sightings were altered, and now we discover that there is a witness statement that conveniently didn't make it into the NAS?LINK  How many other witness statements have you withheld from the public Mr Boyd?LINK

I hope to hear from you on the above matter as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Sandra Uttley

[Ed ~ Address removed at the behest of Sandra Uttley.]

Sandra Uttley

Sandra UttleyLINK

Lord Cullen

Brother Cullen of Whitewash LINK

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