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Masonic Invisible Empire


Heaven Cries Out For Justice

Popular though the notion may be, Masons cannot be taken as lightly as Napoleon I would have it when he said to Irish physician Barry E O’Meara at St Helena on 2 November 1816: “Freemasons are a set of imbeciles who meet to make good cheer and perform ridiculous fooleries.”

Perhaps “Craft” Masons in the first three degrees (Blue Masonry) do in fact perform ridiculous fooleries (the outrageously foolish and degrading initiation ceremony springs to mind), and perhaps at that “Symbolical” level of “Blue Masonry” Freemasons embrace humiliation to achieve mediocrity.  Looking beyond the mask of the Supreme Council, it is recognisable to the vast majority of Masons and non-Masons alike that a privileged elite in the top 30 degrees operates a form of social control, coinciding strictly with the mercenary wants of the advantaged.  It is a cabalistic organisation with primordial images and myths that conspires for world power.

At the other end of the cultic empire are the “knife and fork” Masons (so-called by the hierarchy) who take solace at social gatherings with the consolation they are dupes in numbers.  In the workplace, in pubs and clubs and elsewhere, they exaggerate their merits and overprotect the reputations of fellow Masons.  When you are aware of it you notice it in all walks of life, even in sport and entertainment.  It is not unknown for inferior candidates to get a leg up beyond more skilful contemporaries.  While on the flip side of the coin, they are not averse to belittling the esteem of more competent non-Masons in order to benefit a Brother.  The mediocre among their number are constantly encouraged while more adept non-Masons are left to find their own deserved yardstick, occasionally receiving but a token, patronising nod of approval from less competent, cliquish "knife and forkers".

What cannot be discounted is how useful the rank and file, or knife-and-forkers, can be as, what is referred to in school playgrounds and working-class schemes, "telltales", "clypes", "stool pigeons" or "grasses" against non-Masons and .fellow Masons alike.  That is their main purpose in life.  They would be totally ineffective, and superfluous to requirements as watchdogs against the cocooned Adepts.

That apart, the in-house encouragement gives a misleading perspective of a Brother’s worth, giving him an unwarranted advantage, bolstering society’s deficiencies.  It is all part of the process of “supporting a brother’s character in his absence as in his presence”, the fifth of the “Five Points of Fellowship”.  The fifth point also seems an ingenious way of safeguarding the hierarchy.

Claimed to be the strongest oath of Brotherhood, the Five Points of Fellowship amount to nothing more than humiliating foolishness.   It involves standing face to face with a Brother, your right hand grasping his right arm just below the elbow; right foot to right foot; right knee to right knee; right breast to right breast; and left hand over back; which is left hand over your Brother’s right shoulder.

They accept with cheerfulness that these signs generate sincere salutations of, respectively:

  1. I greet you as a brother;
  2. I support you in all your laudable undertakings
  3. A posture of my daily supplications;
  4. Your lawful secrets, when entrusted to me, I will keep them as my own; and,
  5. I will support your character in your absence as in your presence.

Put into perspective, Craft Masons are bound to “look up with reverence and submit with cheerfulness” all the restraints, obligations and biddings they are given irrespective of how ridiculous they may appear.  Yet they are also obligated to free themselves from “external” control.  There is something not quite right about that.  It is a contradiction in terms.  People accepting without misgivings such repugnant contradictions that ensure the knife and forkers stomach the hierarchy without question is pathetic.

If embraced by all mankind the compassion and empathy of the Five Points of Fellowship (without the physical fooleries – as Napoleon would have it) would be fine, but what goes through their heads during these embarrassing rituals?  Are they devoid of pride?  Are they preoccupied with potential personal gain?  Their kids would be highly amused at the spectacle of their fathers performing these ritualistic fooleries.  One can visualise them aping their fathers performing their mysterious routines when asked by them to do disagreeable chores.

The apparent insanity does not end there.  They have to pay an initiation fee for their troubles.  To use one example, the lodges under the administration of Provincial Grand lodge of Linlithgowshire charged in 1884 an initiation fee of £1 12/6.  By 1996, that fee was £60 plus VAT, plus a direct contribution to Grand Lodge.  So not only are they required to make a buffoon of themselves at the initiation ceremony but they also have to pay for the privilege.

The last of the Five Points of Fellowship comes as a reminder of how so many Masons had their names enshrined in history but who, in normal circumstances, could not rise above mediocrity, or were upper-class thugs.  Some have even had memorials built in their “honour” to remind the brethren how fellow Masons supported their characters in their absence as in their presence, irrespective of how undeserving or corrupt they might have been.  History has been greatly obscured.   It has been manipulated to give us a perspective of Masonic ascendancy.

On Sunday, 7 June 2020, the statue of slavetrader, Edward Colston, was torn down by "Black Lives Matters" demonstrators in Bristol, England, and pushed into the harbour.  Most rational people would regard this act as poetic justice for a man who had slaves thrown off his ships. LINK

The demonstration resulted from the death on 25 May 2020 of George Floyd, killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill.  A white police officer, knelt on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down in the street, begging for his life and repeatedly saying, "I can't breathe."

Floyd's death triggered demonstrations and protests in more than 75 U.S. cities and around the world against police brutality, police racism, and lack of police accountability.  Would it not be great if this were just the beginning of statues of evil historical figures being removed from city centres throughout the world!  There are many in Edinburgh I can think of, but perhaps removing the statue of Albert Pike from Judiciary Square in, Washington DC would be a good start.

One in Edinburgh that springs readily to mind is the monument to the sectarian Masonic king, George IV whose statue stands as an insult to the people of Edinburgh at, befittingly, the crossroads of George Street and Hanover Street. George was fourth of the six Hanoverian British monarchs in a direct line from George I.  From the earliest days of the Hanoverian dynasty prominent Masons had a hand in navigating royalty.  Grand Lodge was founded just three years after German George was installed on the throne.

The satanic influence of Freemasonry is often passed down through family traditions, particularly in the aristocracy, which is not surprising given that they benefit from it the most by fortifying, or justifying, the existence of the rest of the hangers-on in the aristocracy.

Although it is not part of the curriculum of British schools’ history,, the Dukes of Cumberland, Henry Frederick and Earnest Augustus (King Earnest I of Hanover) were honorary members of the Britannic Lodge in the 18th century, initiated in 1773 and 1799 respectively.   The residence in Windsor Park, England, of William Augustus, the Butcher of the Scots at Culloden in 1746, was named “Cumberland Lodge”.

The Butcher was the third son of George II and uncle of the arch anti-Catholic bigot and deranged George III.  George II’s eldest son, Frederick Louis, the Prince of Wales, was the first of about twenty members of the Royal Family to be initiated into Freemasonry (1737).  Frederick’s younger brother, the Butcher, was the first royal Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England, installed in 1782.  George II's son, Frederick, died before him (1751), so he missed out on the throne.  Frederick’s son became George III in 1760 on the death of his grandfather.  George III’s three sons, George IV, Frederick and William IV, all joined the Masons in 1787.  After George IV's reign came his brother William IV.  The Hanoverian royal house concluded with Queen Victoria.  However, the royal Masonic tradition did not end with the succession of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) as might have been expected. LINK

It is not everyone who follows in his father’s footsteps.   Some have the courage of their own convictions and decide for themselves.  Titled landowning families have a history of Masonic affiliation and can bring considerable pressure to bear on family members who might choose to dissever the connection.  The few who do not have the necessary hypocrisy to join the Masons will at least preserve their pride, dignity and identity.  This is not to say that all Masons are unworthy of whatever commendable positions they might hold, but it is just a pity that those who are worthy felt a need to sell their pride, dignity and identity, and perhaps even their souls, to attain their positions.

Freemasonry, it has to be said, was purposely formulated at the outset by inventively deceitful minds of long ago.  These minds then preyed on the unswerving loyalty or shallow greed of what they regarded as impressionable subordinates.  Similarly deceitful minds of today preserve Masonry with the inclusion of bloodcurdling oaths, which guarantee secrecy.  LINK  The organisation is Gnostic in philosophic composition and orientation and illustrates the Gnostics’ deadly failure to distinguish between good and evil.  Changing the name or symbolism of evil does not alter reality.

To most people it all seems like a schoolkid’s imagination running out of control.  However, without the essential creation of delirious fantasies, pseudo-religious rituals and blatant unspiritual physical penalties, Freemasonry could not reign supreme and be such an exclusive and secretive subculture of self-interest.   Nor could it be, at any time it chooses, a perfect mechanism for subversiveness towards the media, democracy, Church or State.   It could be subversive to the State but it is not because it generally controls the state.  It is reactionary rather than revolutionary.  Irrespective of how dictatorial the State might become, Masons are bound to be obedient to the civil magistrates, rather than to the people.

Long before and ever since King Solomon’s Temple was built, powerful elitists of every given time have exploited the loyalty or greed of others and have profited by the institutions and organisations they were indoctrinated to respect or fear.  I mention king Solomon’s Temple because Masonry claims Hiram Abiff built it, but he was neither a stonemason nor an architect.  He was an ornamental metal worker who wrought brass (see The Book of Kings, Chapter 7).

Given the inherently corruptible nature of top-level Freemasonry and the organisations they build, it would be idle to take for granted that, in this pyramidal cult where members are subordinated into thirty-three degrees, it could possibly stand in splendidly incorruptible isolation from the rest of society.  They have abandoned the divine spark of reason gifted by God.  From the cradle to the grave it is impressed upon us all through the State that it is folly to accept that we are created imago viva Dei (in the living image of God) by virtue of our creative power of reason to discover and comprehend God’s laws.  Do we forget the old wives’ cliché when we were kids, “He has a mind all of his own, that one?” This was supposed to be negative term and was not to be considered as someone applying the power of reason.

There are two ways that men ordinarily accept things.  The first is because authority says it has to be accepted.  The second is to accept the general opinion of a majority.  This is public opinion at work.  And if a person disagrees with the consensus, society in general regards him wrong, or sometimes crazy.  Yet in our system of enforced education, or divergent education, or education to order, the vast amount of information that people are fed is not permitted to be put to the test.  So both these ways of accepting things can be crucially flawed.  Which is why everyone should use his divine spark of reason to compare and evaluate the datum with the physical universe as he knows it, or with what he sees around him.  Not with what someone else tells him what he sees around him.  That third option is a more principled, flawless and powerful option than the preceding two.  If you are ever confronted with one of two choices, take the third one!

Certain fundamental conditions must be examined before one blindly binds one’s faith to convoluted backsliding.  If self-examination were brought into play at the outset, a Mason would have to consider why he originally allowed his conscience and thought patterns to be eclipsed by strange people.  He should question how megarich and powerful people or their forefathers reached the standing they did if it was not by tyranny, treachery, or by organising others to fall in line with their own selfish aspirations.

Financial elitists fortify themselves energetically and use covetous people who, irrespective of how much they are personally controlled, will still gratify themselves with small-scale profit. They are reluctant to accept they are essentially willing dupes. These same grovellers, while protecting their own very restricted interests, are gullibly shoring up infinitely more important ones. Though manipulator and manipulated, hoodwinker and hoodwinked, exploiter and exploited, he still gets his meagre share as a pawn in the complex power-game of oligarchical strategy and international finance.

Anonymously, monopolistic capitalism and imperialism, with its intrinsic multinational corporations, is the common denominator that allows Masonry to unite all diverse groups, societies, organisations, institutions, committees and even seemingly adverse political parties.  Freemasonry is the one and only entity to make that paradox possible.  It has been used to combine business and politics to become well nigh the country’s sole constitutional order, destroying the two-party system.  Freemasonry, therefore, is a most dishonest and infamous swindle of the proletariat and of the electorate in general by the upper echelons of the establishment.

Political or religious sectarianism is supposedly deemed a violation of Masonic law but that is not to say that occasionally Craft Masons do not either have rank pulled on them and are used as flunkeys for specified purposes through their lodges.

Flunkeys can be used by politicians, the legal profession and by other influential people to infiltrate any and every public or private meeting, association, organisation or committee, to disrupt, cajole, steer by inductive reasoning, any or every issue in order to “square” with the biddings of their invisible masters.  Which is why everyone must trust his own power of reason to identify patterns of manipulation.   Masonic spies can also be effectively utilised at every official or unofficial meeting where important and not so important decisions are made.  Even Masons’ wives can be used as unwitting spies to influence decisions at public and private gatherings they might attend.

That is sectarianism personified.  That is sectarianism in its intensity, yet Masonry still peddles the myth to a broader public when attacked that it is a politically neutral and non-sectarian fellowship.   But as everyone in the Craft knows, it is motivated more by retributive action against any dissenters than it is by any gestures of goodwill.  Any dissenter who insists he is a victim of retributive action is scorned for his “paranoia”.  It is a malicious but effective stratagem.

Instead of cutting across class divisions Masonry reinforces the class structure with its moles everywhere just below the surface.   Its organisation of men from most walks of life provides the most efficient private intelligence network imaginable.  Private information on anybody can normally be provided very quickly through numerous Masonic contacts: police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, post office staff, doctors, government employees, employees of phone networks, company bosses, acquaintances, neighbours and even some would-be friends.  Masonic post office staff is particularly useful for intercepting someone’s mail and obtaining copies.  A dossier of personal data can be built up on anybody very quickly.  Your life is basically an open book so it would seem pointless keeping your fiddle close to your chest and playing the Masonic tune when your life is an open book in any event.  It is important, however, to keep your own counsel when a seemingly innocuous question is asked of you but which could be harmful to you if repeated in a harmful context.

It is claimed by Freemasonry that the Craft can exercise enormous influence on the daily lives of its members and that no matter how distinguished a member may be, be he King, Emperor, Prime Minister, President, or what-have-you, he must travel the same road or stages as everyone else.  When you are aware that the Craft exercises that enormous influence on the daily lives of its members, your eyes are wide open for the first time.  You see it affecting every part of our social, economical, political, and welfare lives, but never in the best interests of the general public, unless it happens through chance circumstances.  Why would the aforementioned egotistical people choose to undermine their privileged positions?  It just does not happen.  Which is why there is a pyramidal system, wheels within wheels to not only safeguard their franchise but to consolidate it inestimably.

You must always remember that just because Freemasonry is seldom on anyone’s lips, it is not to say it is not at work just below the surface.  If you retain that frame of mind and understanding, strange decisions often become quite predictable and you recognise just how pathetic the excuses for making those decisions really are.  Confusing and contemptible decisions are often made by politicians, bureaucrats, judges and lawyers supposedly working on behalf of the public, but if you keep in your mind what is just below the surface the “Masonic collusion” interpretation of events will flow to the fore.

Be that as it may, any secret society that can exercise such mastery over its membership has in it the seeds of menace and could be a threat to what the general public perceive as the established order and to what we credit as democracy.  But then leading elements of the established order are able to regulate and control that enormous influence to provide an exceedingly rewarding dictatorship for their own advantage.   This dictatorship is not just a threat to democracy or a tool for dismantling democracy; it is a mechanism for maintaining an illusion of democracy.  If the establishment openly dismantled what little there is of democracy, it would meet with huge public outcry.  That would be self-defeating so the illusion must be maintained by wholesale chicanery, denials and lies.  If elitist figures were not in control of Freemasonry through the Supreme Council, the establishment would come down on it with all the might and supremacy it could muster, demonstrating that establishment and oligarchy are synonymous.  Do the run-of-the-mill Craft Masons not realise these simple truths?  Can they truly content themselves with the comparatively meagre portion and concessions they receive for their deceit and betrayal of their fellow man?

If they examined their consciences, Freemasons in the three lowly degrees of Blue Masonry could not honestly believe that elitist figures in the Supreme Council, or the Speculative Society of Edinburgh (Spec) for that matter travel the same route as everyone else.  Do they really accept that, outwith or within their lodges these same elitists do not exercise their enormous influence to procure personal and political power, far more prodigious than the average member could ever dream of?  Do they not think it is a source of amusement for “Adept” Masons invoking thoughts of the “knife and forkers” discharging the ridiculous rituals, or fooleries?  Although they have an all-consuming crazy allegiance, they are like turkeys with no sense of direction.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, it is claimed by the Craft: “Freemasonry is one of the social institutions that the welfare of the civilised world is built.”  Even people who are completely incommunicado are surely not callow enough to accept such a claim without constantly questioning it.  There are other claims that are supposedly based on theology but are really based on irreligious arrogance.

It will be to our everlasting discredit if we do not look beyond the veil of concealment and deceptive phrases and try to visualise the ad hoc convocations in the Star Chamber conclaves of the Supreme Council where the Masonic hierarchy and their beaver-type colleagues plot strategies to negotiate hugger-mugger transactions in order to shore up their invisible empire, while simultaneously plotting to keep in check the overambitious aspirations of subordinate Masons and non-Masons alike, claming somewhat ambiguously they are building up the welfare of the civilised world.

What they do not reveal is that it is only the welfare of their own privileged world and its institutions in which their ultimate concern reposes.  For, undoubtedly, Freemasonry is a subculture consisting of a self-perpetuating, dominant group.

By claiming Freemasonry is one of the social institutes upon which the welfare of the civilised world is built, is the cult not conscious-stricken about the “civilised world”, doing nothing to redress the imbalance between the developed and under-developed world?  Is this falsely claimed “social institution upon which the welfare of the civilised world is built” not a narrow invisible empire that is accredited with building “civilised” systems that permanently buttress the rich and target the poor?

And is this institution not the cultic invisible empire that is commended for ensuring that tiny minorities possess the preponderance of the planet’s wealth at the expense of the real craftsmen, those who actually utilise some of those symbolical artefacts displayed in the Chapter Layout?  Is it also a reference to that civilised world that accumulates and sometimes destroys mountains of meat, fish, dairy and agricultural products in order to keep the prices high while the “uncivilised” world is decrepit with starvation?  Is it claiming also the culpability for the legacy of Albert Pike?   I suppose it cannot really deny it because Freemasonry claims that Albert Pike is the uncrowned King of the Scottish Rite and refers to him as “this god-like leader - this King among men - the greatest Freemason - this Prince in the House of Solomon and Hiram - this Captain fit to stand by Caesar and give direction - a man who raised the Scottish Rite from a comparatively obscure position … to its present unrivalled state as a High-Grade system of Masonry.”  However, his ulterior identity reveals him as a white supremacist, a racist, conspirer, traitor, war criminal, bigot and genocide zealot.

Surely the biggest mystery is why members never stop to ask themselves in retrospect how they came to accept the beliefs that found lodgement in their minds to begin with?  Could it be that the bloodcurdling oaths press them to use Freemasonry to come to terms with their ultimate terror?  Or is it because they are preoccupied with enhancing their own selfish aspirations or advancing their own despicable prosperity to give a thought to other mundane details like the part they play in consolidating the invisible empire for the oligarchical puppeteers?

In their sheltered parochialism Craft Masons still accept the swindle of patriotism, yet patriotism is the oligarchs’ principal weapon when military might is needed to consolidate imperial domination over other nations when economic hegemony fails.  As they conspire for world power economic hegemony is a potent surrogate for military might.  Even with the so-called demise of the British Empire the same financially elite families are still very much in control.  They still fight the same balance-of-power wars worldwide, but extensively through the financial institutions.  They have almost domesticated their own free-trade dealings in weapons of doom and dope to reluctant customers who depend on loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  These borrowers have to accept austere conditionalities.

To achieve their evil goals the Judaeo-Masonic High Command in the IMF and World Bank use both prizes and punishments to ensure that the leaders of the countries they target are compliant little souls and accept the loans at usurious rates of interest, putting their taxpayers in a worse predicament than before.  The loans also come with the condition that they must spend a large amount of the loan on military equipment that they do not need and can ill-afford.  They are strangle-held in perpetuity. LINK  Such is the social institutions upon which the welfare of the civilised world is built.

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