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Masonic Invisible Empire


Heaven Cries Out For Justice

The following demonstrates that Freemasonry has built conspiratorial nests within the power structures of this and other countries and is a malicious and malignant cult, occult and mafia, exerting an evil influence on the whole of conventional society, suffusing the State with Masonic influence.  What is being exposed here is far too important to ignore. When balanced against Masonic denials and claims of being a benevolent fraternity, the scales weigh enormously against them.

No doubt, unswerving but negligent Masons will individually and collectively try to discredit this exposé without even reading it.  Others will be relieved that someone has presented it as it really is.  The best that could be said about Freemasonry is that it is an extraordinary literary swindle.  But it is a lot worse than that: it is the thief of justice.

Of course, they will say it has changed and it is not as it was centuries ago.  They will also claim it is just a charitable society, but their own history tells a different, dark story, a story that the lower three-degree of the basic ranks, up to Master Mason, are largely unaware.

However, the last word will never have been said on Freemasonry in any single work, for the material still to be exposed is virtually endless so it would be folly for anyone to delude oneself otherwise.  It is a bottomless cesspit, if you like.  Irrespective, I have compiled some of the most remarkable aspects on the subject into a hopefully intelligible whole.  I would like to think that an inflamed public, as well as bona fide historians and diligent researchers, will be encouraged to improve upon what has been accomplished here.  To emphasise that hope, I will repeat the words of the 14th century French-born Italian poet and writer, Giovanni Boccaccio when he reluctantly produced an account of the old Roman Pantheon on the orders of a powerful king: “If I don’t succeed completely in this exposition, at least I will provide a stimulus for the better work of others who are wiser.”

What is almost impossible to refute is that the vast majority of Freemasons (that is, the three degrees of “Blue Masonry” as they are called by the tiny minority of so-called “Adept” Masons) who are “used and abused” by their superiors the moment they take the oath as an Entered Apprentice.  Once an initiate has taken the bloodcurdling oath LINK, and swallowed his pride, he has effectively buried himself up to his ears in sand with the Adepts standing on his shoulders. pulling him up!

As a defensive measure, Freemasons often claim that anti-Masonic propaganda stems from paranoia.  The accusation generally works because most people shy away from such accusations.  “Paranoia” is one of those magical key words that frightens off most denouncers.  Irrespective of how misled Freemasons are, weak-kneed people tend to agree with them rather than be accused of paranoia.  The accusation is larger than life.  Rather than be guided by their consciences and reasoned convictions, they allow Masons to navigate irrational propositions through their thinking processes until fraudulent conclusions are forever berthed.

People almost invariably give some mild form of support to what they really want to denounce.  What they do not understand, they tend to mock.  However, the bottom line is, “you can never fight a conspiracy if you say it doesn't exist”.  Freemasonry has been nothing if it has not been a conspiracy.  To steal a phrase from Martin Short’s book, “Inside the Brotherhood”, published in 1989 as a sequel to Stephen Knight’s “The Brotherhood”, published in 1984: “Freemasonry and paranoia were made for each other; they deserve each other.”

When one considers the paranoia of Masons when non-Masons probe them about the Craft, it is easy to align one’s sentiments with Martin Short’s.  Paranoia oozes out of them. If they have something to hide, let them scratch where they itch.

Freemasonry’s “History Sub-Committees” and “Grand Librarians”, and other “Office Bearers” of every generation, have covered up the grim realities of Masonry’s insidious effect on history.  They have fervently searched the annals to try and discover where Masons of the past are connected to famous non-Masons involved with great events or achievements, because Masons like to fashion history to take into account the exaggerated achievements of their brethren.  The names of far too many brethren have been preserved by Masonic historians, giving them a status above and beyond their proper station, at the expense of genuine achievers of the past.

It is not unknown for non-Masonic luminaries to be “awarded” membership posthumously.  Such inventions have periodically caused friction among Office Bearers in Grand Lodge because if the falsehoods are discovered it can bring Grand Lodge in for additional derision.   A wishful-thinking perception of events long after they occur is a very unreliable witness.

The hierarchy of Freemasonry has always found it important to discover and develop an effective device to unite all their arguments under one common heading to try to ward off any detractors.  This author is one of those detractors and, in this publication, shoots holes in Freemasonry, realising it will be secretly and intently worked on so that future Masonic books and journals, without necessarily referring to this publication directly, will rearrange details of history to, in some cases, counter, and in others, accommodate, much of the content herein contained.  For the main part, it will be condemned unconditionally, and perhaps even this author will be personally attacked.  But that is irrelevant.  What is important is the greater good.

History is never fixed.  It is a cultural and political battleground where national mythologies are usually a combination of conflicting versions, full of distortions, legends, myths and lies.  That said, history unwritten is history forgotten; history forgotten is a betrayal; history betrayed can never be redeemed; and history recorded is a weapon.

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