The Fifth section is two letters to Det Sup John Anderson of Central Scotland Police questioning the inexplicable actions of his police force.

Thomas Minogue
94 Victoria Terrace
KY12 0LU
Tel:01383 729869

Det Sup John Anderson
Central Scotland Police
Police Headquarters

Saturday 14th June 03

Dear Sir,

Queen Victoria School Dunblane

Given that I am the subject of the correspondence you make reference to I would be obliged if you could send me a copy of Lord Robertson’s letter of 16th April to you so that I may consider the matters you refer to in context.

On the understanding that I am not fully appraised of the background against which your letter of 3rd June (received 12th June) was written, I would comment as follows:

It is true that some of the matters I allude to are indeed potentially very serious criminal offences, and in the normal course of events the police would be the first people to be advised of such matters.  However the circumstances surrounding these allegations are anything but normal and for that reason it seemed appropriate to report the matters to a very senior Judge who is now a Commissioner of the school, though not a Commissioner at the time of the alleged incidents.

It was thought reasonable not to lodge allegations of improper conduct aided by Masonic influence among officials at QVS, with those suspected of the impropriety.  For this reason Lord Gill’s suggestion that the complaint be put to the Commissioners was rejected, and instead it was decided to lodge a complaint formally with the Solicitor General.  This was done by e-mail on 12th June.  At an earlier stage, but for the same reason, it was decided that a complaint critical of Central Scotland Police might best be assessed by others.

As to the suggestion that I should urge the ex-housemaster to contact Central Scotland Police, this would appear to be impractical in that the ex-housemaster accuses members of the same police force of:

  1. Breaking down the door of his flat with a sledgehammer.
  2. Taking documents from his flat and not returning them.
  3. Failing to act on his complaint.
  4. Being part of a cabal of Masons who were suspected of abusing pupils.
  5. Protecting their brother Thomas Hamilton from attempts to prosecute him.

Also, given that in 1991 the then housemaster was convinced that the Central Scotland Police were dominated by Masons and this factor is widely believed, since then, to explain the inexplicable actions by this police force in renewing Hamilton’s gun licence, it would be surprising if the ex-housemaster would have confidence in this force dealing objectively with his concerns.

Despite the above concerns I will pass your letter on to the ex-housemaster but will refrain from making the recommendations you urge, as I myself have serious doubts as to the impartiality of Masons who are present, if not prevalent, in all police forces in Scotland including Central Scotland.

As to the responsibility for consideration as to whether or not a criminal investigation should be commenced I am sure that the Solicitor General is the appropriate person to decide this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Thomas Minogue.
C.C. Solicitor General.                                                                  Return to IndexLINK

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Thomas Minogue
94 Victoria Terrace
KY12 0LU
Tel: 01383 729869

Det Sup John Anderson
Central Scotland Police
Police Headquarters
Saturday 12th July 03

Dear Sir,

Letter dated 16th April 2003 from Lord George Robertson to Central Scotland Police regarding Thomas Minogue.

I wrote to you on Saturday 14th June in reply to your letter dated 3rd June and responded as best I could to your letter, given that I was limited by the fact that you had not saw fit to appraise me of the exact nature of a letter from Lord George Robertson which had prompted you to write to me.

Given the above facts I asked you to provide me with a copy of the letter Lord Robertson had sent to you.  I have yet to receive a response and would again ask that I be given sight of the letter dated 16th April 2003 that Lord Robertson wrote to you concerning me.

If you do not accede to my legitimate request or fail to answer this letter in 7 days I will instruct my legal advisers to take measures to obtain a copy of this letter.

I would also ask you to confirm or otherwise the veracity of a claim made to me that Lord Robertson’s son is a member of Central Scotland Police?LINK

Yours faithfully,
Thomas Minogue.
C.C. Chief Constable Central Scotland Police, Pagans.                   Return to IndexLINK

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Tom Minogue
From: "Tom Minogue" <>
To: <>
Cc: "John MacMillan" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 12:35 PM
Attach: 3 Pages from Dunblane Inquiry regarding Rifle Range at Dunblane.pdf
Subject: Addendum to report on Queen Victoria School Dunblane
Page 1 of 1

Dear Ms Olsen, please find a three page addendum to my submission to Lord Gill which concerns an anonymous witness statement read out to the trial by Mr Lake.  The statement details how Thomas Hamilton took the witness to a shooting range at Dunblane where he was allowed to fire real bullets from a rifle.  This would seem to indicate that the events took place at Queen Victoria School as it is the only rifle range in Dunblane.  There should not be a problem in tracing this anonymous witness who also claims he was sexually abused by Hamilton as the Dunblane Inquiry knew his identity sufficiently well for Mr Bonomy to be able to state that "the witness in the past had been convicted of a serious crime of dishonesty".LINK [Ed ~ Is it surprising the boy went off the rails after being sexually and physically abused by Thomas Hamilton, a man who seemed immune from pain or penalty?]  I shall circulate this information and any other information possibly regarding Queen Victoria School to the recipients of my submission and will of course advise Lord Gill of any other matters that arise.

Thomas Minogue

Tom Minogue
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Dunblane Massacre
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We know who killed the above victims, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!
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