The first section contains Tom Minogue's letter to the Officer in Charge of Central Scotland Police Family Unit, Bannockburn Police Office, Stirling, regarding his formal complaint about the physical and sexual abuse of pupils at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane between 1989 and 1992.

Thomas Minogue
94 Victoria Terr.
KY12 0LU
Tel:01383 729869

The Officer in Charge
Central Scotland Police Family Unit
Bannockburn Police Office

Monday 29th September 03

Dear Sir or Madam:

Formal complaint regarding the physical and sexual abuse of pupils at Queen Victoria School Dunblane between 1989 and 1992. (Explanatory Note)

I would be obliged if you would accept the enclosed dossier and two CD copies of same which detail allegations made to me by an ex-housemaster of Queen Victoria School, Dunblane.

By way of explanation:

About the time I heard these allegations I was invited by the Justice 2 Committee of the Scottish Parliament to submit examples of cases where freemasonry had influenced court proceedings and I researched the Dunblane Inquiry and cited it as such an example.

In the course of my Dunblane research I had became aware of allegations made by the ex-housemaster on a website called “Eurorealist” which contained an article entitled “Cullen Uncovered”.LINK The article contained a letter from an unnamed person associated with Queen Victoria School, which claimed that he had reported allegations of abuse of boys at the school to the M.O.D. and that these allegations had not been investigated properly.

The anonymous letter writer also claimed that there was a link between paedophilia, freemasonry, and Thomas Hamilton the mass murderer at the school.

I was interested in this claim, which had been openly displayed for several years and an acquaintance of mine contacted the ex-housemaster who I in turn contacted.  The ex-housemaster was called Glenn Harrison and lived in Unst, Shetland.  I exchanged telephone calls, e-mails, and letters with Glenn Harrison before visiting him this year.  The most disturbing aspect of Glenn Harrison’s story was his account of young boys in his charge being taken away for weekends with various people some of who abused the boys.

I believe that the allegations made are truthful and felt that I must make my concerns known to the authorities but I did not think it appropriate to complain to the police as they featured in Glenn Harrison’s complaint.

I decided to accept an offer made by a Commissioner of the school, Lord Gill the Lord Justice Clerk to make my concerns known to him.  However, Lord Gill thought that the best people to examine a claim of impropriety at the school in 1989 were the same people who had been in charge of the school at the time of the allegations and I found this unsatisfactory.

I advised Lord Gill that I would take my complaint to the Solicitor General for Scotland Elish Angiolini who indicated that the Family Unit of Central Scotland Police was the appropriate body to deal with it.LINK

I would be obliged if you would consider investigating the abuse of boys at Queen Victoria School.

I would of course be willing to provide any clarification or help that is required in this regard.

Yours faithfully,
Thomas Minogue.

C.C. Pagans.
Enclosures: 1 Bound dossier, 2 CD copies.

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Tom Minogue
Lord Gill
Ed. ~ Lord Gill caught on camera scurrying past a "Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers" demo in Parliament Square, Edinburgh outside the Supreme Courts.
Elish Angiolini
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