Dunblane Abandoned
Dunblane Abandoned

Central Scotland Police

[Ed ~ Police Scotland was constituted as a national force, which covered up all the transgressions of the previously regional forces.]

Central Scotland Police

20 August 2005

Sandra Uttley
17 Cowbar Cottages
Cleveland TS13 5DA

Chief Constable Andrew Cameron
Central Scotland Police HQ
Stirling FK8 2HD

Dear Sir


Further to my email of 18 August 2005, I am sending a copy of the same by post, Recorded Delivery.  I have reason to believe that a police officer with Central Scotland Police committed perjury at the Inquiry into the Shootings at Dunblane Primary School in 1996, and so perverted the course of justice.  I allege that DC Graham Capes gave false information on oath about the sightings of Thomas Hamilton’s van on the morning of 13 March 1996.  Further, he gave false information about the direction Hamilton’s van took from the Burghmuir Roundabout on the morning of 13 March 1996.  Further, I allege that the evidence he gave relating to the treble 9 call by the headteacher Ron Taylor was untrue.  I have reason to believe that DC Graham Capes was threatened and blackmailed by a police sergeant into giving false information about these matters.

Please find attached a copy of Graham Capes original witness statementLINK and a copy of his evidence from the Transcript of the Inquiry.LINK  I would like you to investigate my allegations as a matter of urgency and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Yours sincerely

Sandra Uttley
Tel 01947 840071
Email: SandraUttley@aol.com

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Dunblane Abandoned
Dunblane Abandoned
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