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9 November, 2004

A SHETLAND teacher made history yesterday (Monday) by becoming one of the country's first chartered teachers.

Glenn Harrison, from Baltasound Junior High, is one of 37 teachers across Scotland to gain this status, introduced as part of the McCrone agreement, which recognises their experience, excellent teaching skills and high level of professionalism. LINK

It also rewards experienced teachers who choose to stay in the classroom rather than moving to promoted posts by awarding them a £6,500 increase to their annual salary.

Mr Harrison received his professional award at a reception in Edinburgh yesterday.

Education minister Peter Peacock said: "Teachers are crucial to young people's education and that's why I want to do everything I can to promote excellence within the profession.  We must create a modern education system which has a valued teaching profession at its heart.

"Chartered teacher status allows teachers to be the best they can be and with great teachers we can achieve great things.  This is another achievement for Scotland's devolved government, helping to raise standards in schools and ensure we have a motivated, better rewarded and enthusiastic teaching profession.”

Shetland Islands Council education spokesman Bill Manson said he was delighted with the news and expressed his hopes that many more island teachers will register to undertake the chartered teacher programme.

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