This letter, in support of Petition PE652, was sent to the Public Petitions Committee before the PPC had made its final decision on the earlier petition.
William Burns
18 Shore Road
South Queensferry
EH30 9SG
Tel: 0131 331 1855

13 November 2003

Bryan McConachie
Public Petitions Team Support
Room 5.16
Public Petitions Committee
Parliamentary Headquarters
EH99 1SP

Dear Mr McConachie


In support of evidence submitted with the Public Petitions Committee in relation to the above petitions PE652 and PE685, please find enclosed a copy of an article in the News of the World by Marcello Mega on Sunday, 9 November 2003 LINK, and also an article in The Herald on Wednesday, 13 November 2003, as further evidence to bolster my claims about the Masonic, secretive, exclusive and highly-suspect Speculative Society of Edinburgh’s involvement in the whitewash of the Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane massacre and for covering up high profile "citizens-above-suspicion" in the paedophile ring who preyed on kids at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane LINK.

The article from The Herald by LUCY ADAMS, Home Affairs Correspondent, “UN observer attacks Lockerbie justice", can be found on the website below. (I also sent copies of these submissions to you by e-mail.)

The article from The Herald is also copied below:

"A UNITED Nations observer at the Lockerbie trial has questioned the impartiality of the Scottish judiciary in a new book published this week.

"In Global Justice or Global Revenge, Professor Hans Kochler, one of the men appointed by Kofi Annan to oversee the proceedings at Camp Zeist, concludes the Lockerbie process was intrinsically unfair LINK and that the existence of the ‘secret’ Speculative Society brings into question the independence of the judiciary LINK.

"Professor Kochler, president of the Vienna-based International Progress Organisation, and a world-renowned expert on law and human rights, was appointed by the UN to ensure fair play and high standards but had no power to influence the decisions taken.

"After sitting through every day of the trial and hearing all the evidence, he concluded there was insufficient evidence to convict the Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, who is now serving a life sentence in Barlinnie prison for the bombing which killed 270 people, and that the court was contaminated by political consider-ations.

"He believes the Lockerbie appeal may have contravened article six of the European Convention on Human Rights [ECHR] – which gives everyone the right to a fair trial – because of the way the judges 'used an evasive strategy by not scrutinising the argument of the trial court'. LINK

"In his book, Professor Kochler says that after learning about the existence of the Speculative Society he is even more concerned about the independence of the judges and lawyers involved. LINK

"The Speculative Society was founded in 1764 as an Edinburgh debating club but opponents say its membership, many of whom are lawyers and judges, is secretive and Masonic. LINK

"Professor Kochler writes: ‘What made the doubts about the fairness and impartiality of the Lockerbie proceedings even more serious was a revelation that transpired in the British media . . . the majority of judges of both the trial and appeal courts – as well as leading members of the prosecution and defence teams – are members of a Masonic-type secret society.’

"However, members of the Speculative Society denied their impartiality could be in any way impaired by their membership.

"Robert Black, professor of Scots law at Edinburgh University and a key architect in the creation of Camp Zeist, supports Professor Kochler's claims that the Lockerbie trial was a miscarriage of justice.

"However, Professor Black, who is also a member of the Speculative Society, denied that membership of the group had any bearing on the impartiality of the judiciary. LINK

"'He makes some extremely good and valid points.  Unfortunately, he detracts from the overall impression by making bad points about things like the society,' he said."

Of course, as a member of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh, Robert Black would be under oath to protect other members of the Society "in their absence as in their presence" (the Fifth of the Five Points of Fellowship, the strongest oath of brotherhood in the Masons). LINK

As president of the Vienna-based International Progress Organisation and world-renowned expert on law and human rights, the observations, opinions and sincerity of Professor Kochler, must have more credibility than that of "Spec" member, Robert Black.

Yours sincerely

William Burns

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