[Ed ~ The section below is a copy of the front of the envelope that I, William Burns, sent on a weekly basis over a period of years to the characters named on the envelopes.  The vast majority were posted weekly from Edinburgh, but whenever friends of mine were going on holiday the letters would be appeciatively taken and posted from, among other countries, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Spain, France, Germany, Belguim, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland, Cyprus, Gibralter, Canada, the USA, Singapore, Australia and Cuba.  Similar letters were sent from home and abroad on a weekly basis to the other "citizens-above-suspicion" who are mentioned in the letter proper.  Some of the letters were sent on several different occasions to the legal mechanics from several of these countries.  My full name and address were always included on both the envelopes and in the letters.  Incidentally, the poems on the envelopes were mainly adaptations of Rabbie Burns' works, adapted to suit the circumstances of how he might have reacted were he alive today.]

Lord Philip

Lord Johnston

Lord Philip
[Ed ~ This section is a copy of the reverse side of the majority of the envelopes sent over many years to the various characters in the extended legal system.  As mentioned above, my full name and address were always included on both the envelopes and in the letters.  Incidentally, a friend of mine who worked for the Post Office in the main sorting office in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, told me his boss had eventually instructed his staff to bin all my letters to these "distinguished" people.  Interfering with the Royal Mail is supposed to be a very serious offence in this country.]
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Lord Philip







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From February 1, 2015 the liability to pay ‘Poll Tax’ arrears in Scotland will end, subject to final approval of the Scottish Parliament ... . John Swinney says Holyrood has acted ‘to right a historic wrong’.
[Ed. ~ As far back as 30 July 1988, before the poll tax came into force, I told the person responsible for enforcing it in the Lothians that it was illegal in Scotland. LINK]