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[Ed ~ Why was this letter, already published in a national newspaper, The Scotsman, put on a 100-year closure order by Lord Cullen?  The content was a departure from the issue of why Thomas Hamilton was protected for years, and by whom.  So why did Lord Cullen try to bury this letter for 100 years when it was already in the public domain?  Read my letters to Lord Cullen before, during and after his pseudo-inquiry, which were  also put on his 100-year closure order. LINK]

The Scotsman, Tuesday, 20 August 1996
Premature outburst in support of the gun lobby

Unequivocal:  While I agree with your editorial (14 August) that the majority of the public wanted only one recommendation from the House of Commons home affairs select committee, that is a complete and unequivocal ban on the holding of all handguns, a considerable minority would prefer a complete ban on all guns, gun clubs and gun sports.  In fact, a far greater number prefer that type of ban than wish to retain gun licences, clubs and sports.LINK

It seems as though certain politicians and senior police officers are attempting to pre-empt the result of the Dunblane inquiry by their premature outbursts in support of the gun lobby.

For example, I thought it was irresponsible of Chief Constable Ian Oliver of Grampian to suggest that a ban on holding guns was asking too much.LINK   On what criterion does he base such a preposterous conclusion?  If I lived in Grampian I would be calling for his resignation.

Anyone who has not grown out of his childish fetish for possessing guns is surely unstable and should not only be prevented from obtaining a gun licence, but ought to be ordered to report at fixed intervals to a psychiatrist.

The only even-handed way to deal with guns is to either have a total ban or abolish gun laws, allowing everyone to buy guns; we all know what is the more preferable.LINK

William Burns
18 Shore Road
South Queensferry


The big

Most people would like  a complete ban on all guns, gun clubs and gun sports


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