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Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers


Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers - SACL
Some SACL members at a demo outside East Register House, Princes Street, Edinburgh
Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
SACL members campaigning in Perth (among many other places) to reject lawyer candidates of any party at the forthcoming election. LINK
Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
Another dreary campaigning day with undeterred ageing stalwarts of SACL suffering harsh weather conditions to expose legal injustice.  Note, Mona Lisa with Nat King Cole's adjusted melody: "All my means have been brought to my lawyer's doorstep. They just lie there, and they die there."
Desperate Dan
Desperate Dan leaves his plinth just down from the University of Dundee to join SACL's protest against the crooked Dean of Faculty presenting diplomas to naive law graduates who are unaware they might now have to ply their well earned, studious accomplishments by making filthy lucre for crooked law firms.  When law graduates are exposed to law firms, they are largely reared and groomed to become crooked law mechanics.
SACL demo in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, just down from the advocate Donald Dewar's statue.


Made up of people from all walks of life, SACL members have all, at one time or another, been victims of deep-rooted corruption by grubstreet lawyers and law warehousemen in the extended legal profession. Although all our cases are dissimilar, a vicious underlying theme pervades throughout, and that is the complete lack of redress from a self-regulated, hence corrupt, legal profession.

They have denied us any justice.  Its legal mechanics have picked our pockets then laughed in our faces for the privilege.  It was these harrowing circumstances that united us in common purpose.

We are not anarchists, but law-abiding citizens who strive, by necessity, to embarrass the powers-that-be (especially politicians) to take responsibility for the mess our legal system is in.

There is a similar pattern throughout many of SACL members' cases that unveils a ready-made plan of action, or defence, by law herdsmen, to pre-empt exoneration for their cronies' crimes - assisted by fellow conspirators in the Law Society, the Faculty of Ad-vermin-cates (sic), the Crown Office and the Judiciary.

Having been forced into the corridors of depravity in our civil courts over prolonged periods, we eventually learned the sad truth about the crooked operatives in the legal profession and their deceitfully fraudulent habits.  A typical example of how they operate is in divorce cases.  Never has the Italian proverb "A bad agreement is better than a good lawyer" been more pertinent.  If one of the litigants does not conspire with one or both of the lawyers to deprive the ex-partner of his/her just deserts, the two lawyers will customarily prolong the case until such times as most, if not all, of the spoils are in the hands of the lawyers through their legal fees.  The litigants end up with little or nothing for their rancorous squabbles when they could have, more beneficially, settled for a "bad agreement" at the outset, leaving them both better off.

SACL campaigns to alter that.  The responsibility ultimately lies at the doorstep of the Scottish Government.  To date, they have not had the spine to stand up to the judiciary and the wider legal profession.  They allow full-time lawyer advisers and lawyer MSPs to control all the arguments in Parliament for the benefit of the legal profession rather than for the Scottish people as a whole.

Lawyer MSPs allegiance to their political party takes second place to their allegiance to their profession.  They also totally disregard their constituents who deserve an ethical, efficient, well-organised, trustworthy, and accountable legal and political system.

Lawyers have an insidious effect on all political parties and issues.  This is why no Scottish Government to date has had the gumption to end self-regulation of the legal profession.  They are, therefore, primarily responsible for preserving crooked lawyers' unaccountability.

Accountability lies at the heart of everything. Self-regulation = unaccountability = deep-rooted corruption; nothing less.  It is an affront to democracy and humanity.  The legal profession becomes numb with fear and trepidation at the thought of accountability.  Cowardly nonlawyer politicians seek sanctuary when asked to take responsibility and explain this peculiar unaccountability.

This is why we campaigned on the first Thursday of every month at 12-noon at strategic focal points in, especially Edinburgh, but occasionally in Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Our efforts are aimed towards, inter alia, ending self-regulation of the Law Society of Scotland and removing the privileges it abuses when presiding over complaints made by aggrieved members of the public against the very thugs the Law Society licenses to give audience in court in the first place.  To all appearances, the Law Society is an insular, quasi-underworld, totalitarian organisation covered up by legalese.

A vaccine should be made available to immunise everyone from lawyers.

When Plato imparted the proverb in 380 B.C., "Honour among thieves", he must have had lawyers in mind.

Self-regulation MUST end because it is a most unscrupulous, dictatorial system, concocted by lawyers, for lawyers, to cover up for lawyers' routine abandonment of morals and duty at the expense of their hagridden clients.

And it is not just solicitors who are corrupt.  They cannot operate in a vacuum.  Their criminality must be rubber-stamped by the "beaks".  It is the whole system that is corrupt, from the top, down.  There are an unacceptable number of law businessmen, to give them their proper moniker, being intentionally delinquent in their duty to the public.

N.B.  The fliers we handed out at our monthly demos for about ten years, some of which appear elsewhere on this website, are as they were at the time we campaigned outside the Scottish Parliament, the Supreme Courts, the Crown Office, the Law Society of Scotland, and other law firms and venues necessitating our attention.


The ultimate "Conflict of Interest" must be accorded to SACL member, Cathy.
Cathy and her husband bought their dream home.  A mansion-type property for a comparatively snip of a price.  The dream was to become a nightmare.

Unbeknown to them at the time, the lawyer whom they paid to negotiate the transfer of the house was negotiating with himself.  He was the selfsame lawyer who owned the house and was selling it to them.  However, the house was landlocked, so they had no access to it.

They were not to learn this until a later date, a date after which they had sold it back to the crook at a much reduced price.

At a date thereafter, they discovered that this was the third time this legal mechanic had bought and sold the selfsame property.  (How many more times he embezzled his clients with just this one property scam is anyone's guess.  They vastly overpaid this crooked lawyer for the privilege of being defrauded by him.)

Incognizant at the time of their lawyer's extreme conflict of interest, they still had an infallible case to complain to the Law Society of Scotland about this lawyer's, not incompetence, but unmitigated embezzlement.

To cut it to the quick, the Law Society of Scotland covered up for him, so it cost Cathy and her husband fortunes more to take the fraudster to court only to see him exonerated by his fellow conspirators: the Law Warehousemen in the Supreme Courts, Parliament Square, Edinburgh. LINK

Let us not pretend for one single moment that litigants' cases in Scottish civil courts are deliberated on and dispensed with with the same diligent attentiveness, contemplation and impartiality as advanced on STV's Judge Rinder programme.  Generally, the law or any form of justice is doled out without even remotely approximating that TV programme's adherence to the specifics of the law.

In real life, greedy law practitioners, with a conflict of interest, act within the due processes of what is the civil courts' theatre. SACL members have unfortunately become accustomed to that classical tragedy.  These courtrooms are filled with pathological liars.  (So much so, they are not even honest about being dishonest.)  Members of the public are seldom present to witness the farcical processes in civil courts.

So beware: the Scottish legal profession operates at different "legal" levels from the public's perception of legality.  What is more, in our pitiful legal system the judges outrank the truth.  They set aside our laws when and if they choose, illustrating that justice is just a lottery

Even the few honest lawyers, if there are any, who operate within what we have been forced to accept as proper legal procedures, are still vastly overpaid for their often overrated, dubious, extortionate silver tongued services.

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Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall


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