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- Quotes about lawyers by famous people -

“I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters.”
John Keats: Letter to George and Georgiana Keats, March 13, 1819

“I would be loth to speak ill of any person who I do not know deserves it, but I am afraid he is an attorney.”
Samuel Johnston: Mrs Piozzi’s Anecdotes, 1786

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
Shakespeare: II Henry VI, iv, c. 1591

“He saw a lawyer killing a viper
On a dunghill hard by his own stable,
And the Devil smiled, for it put him in mind,
Of Cain and his brother Abel.”
S. T. Coleridge: The Devil’s Thoughts, 1799

“He that goes to law holds a wolf by the ear.”
Robert Burton: The Anatomy of Melancholy, 1621

“Lawyers use the law as shoemakers use leather: rubbing it, pressing it, and stretching it with their teeth, all to the end of making it fit their purpose.”
Louis XII of France (1462-1515)

“God has not given laws to make out of right wrong, and out of wrong right, as the un-Christianlike lawyers do, who study the law only for gain and profit.”
Martin Luther: Table-Talk, DCCCXXX, 1569

“It would be better to have no laws at all than to have as many as we have.”
Michel De Montaigne: Essays, III, 1588

“Yes, Jamie, he was a bad man, but he might have been worse: he was an Irishman, but he might have been a Scotchman; he was a priest, but he might have been a lawyer.”
Samuel Parr: Said of James O’Coighy, hanged for treason on June 7, 1798

“Law is but a heathen word for power.”
Daniel Defoe: The History of the Kentish Petition, 1701

“God save us from a Lawyer’s etcetera.”
French Proverb

“A lawyer is always more ready to get a man into troubles than out of them.”
Oliver Goldsmith: The Good Natur’d Man, III, 1768

“Unnecessary laws are not good laws, but traps for money.”
Author unidentified

“The Devil makes his Christmas pie of lawyers’ tongues.”
English Proverb, traced to the XVI century

“Every law which originated in ignorance and malice, and gratifies the passions from which it sprang, we call the wisdom of our ancestors.”
Sydney Smith: Peter Plymley’s Letters, I, 1807

“The lawyers are accounted knaves all over the land.”
Anon.: The Countryman’s Care, 1641

“A man without money needs no more fear a crowd of lawyers than a crowd of pickpockets.”
William Wycherley: The Plain Dealer, III, c. 1674

“Laws are best explained, interpreted and applied by those whose interests and abilities lie in perverting, confounding and eluding them.”
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels, II, 1736

“Young lawyers attend the courts, not because they have business there but because they have no business anywhere else.”
Washington Irving: Salmagundi, June 27, 1807

“Who calls a lawyer rogue, may find too late, On one of these depends, his whole estate.”
George Crabbe: Tales, II (The Gentleman Farmer), 1812

“Law only binds when they are in accordance with right reason, and hence with the eternal law of God.”
Pope Leo XIII: Rerum novarum, May 15, 1891

“Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding, and should therefore be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties, which may make anything mean everything or nothing, at pleasure.”
Thomas Jefferson: Letter to William Johnson, 1823

“A bad agreement is better than a good lawyer.”
Italian Proverb

“The passing of an unjust law is the suicide of authority.”
Pastoral letter of the American Roman Catholic Hierarchy, Feb., 1920

“The better the lawyer, the worse the Christian.”
Dutch Proverb

“The more law, the less justice (Summum jus, summa injuria)
Author unidentified

“God works wonders now and then:
Behold a lawyer, an honest man.”
Benjamin Franklin: Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1733

Devil Lawyer
"We're all together now."
"So is he!"
Masonic Ring

- Quotes about lawyers by famous people -

“Extremity of law is extremity of wrong.”
John Clarke: Paroemiologia Anglo-Latina, 1639

“Let all the laws be clear, uniform and precise: to interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them.”
Voltaire: Philosophical Dictionary, 1764

“Here lies John Shaw, Attorney-at-law
And when he died the Devil cried
Give us your paw, John Shaw, Attorney-at-law.”
H. J. Loaring: Epitaphs Quaint, Curious and Elegant, 1872

“It is better that laws be so constructed as to leave as little as possible to the decision of those who judge.”
Aristotle: Rhetoric, I, c. 322 B.C.

“Laws are inherited like diseases.”
J. W. Goethe: I Faust, I, 1808

“A peasant between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats.”
Spanish Proverb

“A man may as well open an oyster without a knife as a lawyer’s mouth without a fee.”
Barten Holyday: Technogamia, 1618

“Laws are like medicines: they usually cure the disease only by setting up another that is lesser or more transient.”
Otto Von Bismarck: Speech in the Prussian Upper House, March 6, 1872

“When two dogs fight for a bone and the third runs off with it, there’s a lawyer among the dogs.”
German Proverb

“By length of time and continuance laws are so multiplied and grown to that excessive variety that there is a necessity of a reduction of them, otherwise it is not manageable.”
Matthew Hale: History of the Pleas of the Crown, 1736

“The fell attorney prowls for prey.”
Samuel Johnston: London, 1738

“The law is a sort of hocus-pocus science that smiles in your face as it picks your pocket.”
Charles Macklin: Love à la Mode, II, 1759 (Cf. Howell, ante, 1621)

“Love all men, but not lawyers.”
Irish Proverb

“Laws always lose in energy what the government gains in extent.”
Immanuel Kant: Perpetual Peace, Supplement, I, 1795

“The animals are not so stupid: they have no
Author unidentified

“Virtue in the middle, said the Devil, as he sat between two lawyers.”
Danish Proverb

“Sometimes a man who deserves to be looked down upon because he is a fool, is despised only because he is a lawyer.”
C. L. De Montesquieu: Persian Letters, XLIV, 1721

“No lawyer will ever go to Heaven so long as there is room for more in Hell.”
Author unidentified

“New Laws are too apt to be voluminous, and so perplexed and mutable, from whence proceeds neglect, contempt and ignorance.”
William Warburton (Bishop of Gloucester): The Causes of Prodigies and Miracles, I, 1727

"A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than 100 men with guns."
Mario Puzo: The Godfather.

“Laws are now maintained in credit, not because they are essentially just, but because they are laws. It is the mystical foundation of their authority; they have none other. They are often made by fools; more often by men who in hatred of equality have want of equity; but ever by men who are vain and irresolute. There is nothing so grossly and largely offending, nor so ordinarily wrongful, as the laws.”
Author unidentified

“The lawyers rejected the counsel of God.”
Luke VII, 30, c. 75

“The law is not the same at morning and at night.”
George Herbert: Jacula Prudentum, 1651

“Lawyers have been known to wrest from reluctant juries triumphant verdicts of acquittal for their clients, even when those clients, as often happens, were clearly and unmistakably innocent.”
Oscar Wilde: The Decay of Lying, 1889

“Lawyers and soldiers are the Devil’s playmates.”
Author unidentified

“The only man [a lawyer] in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.”
Elbert Hubbard: Roycroft Dictionary and Book of Epigrams, 1923

“Fools and stubborn men make lawyers wealthy.”
Spanish Proverb


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Sheriff Andrew Lothian
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