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Lord Advocate
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By Chris Diamond
James Duff

James Duff

Legal Fight:   James Duff wants to quiz Colin Boyd QC in court
historic bid
to put law
chief in the
witness box
The Digger, Local News Magazine for Glasgow - Issue 51 Vol 2 August 16-22 2006
Lord Advocate Colin Boyd summoned to court

SCOTLAND's chief prosecutor is being dragged into court and forced to explain an alleged criminal conspiracy between police and lawyers.

The Lord Advocate Colin Boyd will be made to answer a whole raft of accusations regarding collusion and conspiracy between police and lawyers in Dumfries.

Thanks to a law dated 1429 called "Lawburrows", James Duff is bringing the country's top law officer to the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh on 28 September [2006]LINK.   The Digger has seen the warrant, which was granted by Sheriff Jarvie on 1 August.  [Ed ~ Colin Boyd would be ousted from the Lord Advocateship on 4 October 2006, six days after he was supposed to appear in court.  It was announced on 1 June 2012, that he would be eased back into the fold and appointed a Senator of the College of Justice; a Judge of the Supreme Courts.  Such was his long awaited reward for being a lackey over a number of years, epitomising how the Scottish scales of justice fall imposingly in favour of disreputable legal mechanics, or law herdsmen, rather than on the naively trusting Scottish public.]

The Lord Advocate will also be presented with what Duff says is Boyd's own part in a rotten plot to prevent him ever seeing justice done.  Illegal bankruptcy, faked police reports, distortion of evidence by the Crown Office, and perversion of the course of justice are all included in the writ served on Boyd.  Messengers at Arms Scott & Co were instructed to serve the warrant last Thursday to the Crown Office at 25 Chambers Street in Edinburgh.  Mr Duff believes that corrupt police and crooked lawyers worked together to make him a bankrupt so they could steal his property.

Mr Duff, 71, a builder who had a thriving business, was made bankrupt in 1976.  He has claimed ever since that a firm of lawyers in Dumfries failed to hand over a large sum of money that was to be paid to his creditors and that left him ruined.  He has been fighting for justice ever since then.

Duff believes that the police and Crown Office have been working together to make sure he never gets justice.  It is thought that he has lost over £20 million in earnings over the past 30 years.  Now Sheriff Jarvie has issued a writ and warrant to summon Boyd to his court in person to answer a series of charges.

The writ served on Mr Boyd alleges that he instructed his staff at the Crown Office to "distort the evidence and falsify the reports" over the matter of Duff's ongoing complaint.  It also alleges that Boyd encouraged Dumfries and Galloway Police to continue faking their reports over the investigation into Duff's allegations.  The writ states that the procurator fiscal at Dumfries perverted the course of justice by refusing to believe that there was any evidence to support Duff's complaints about the conduct of the police.

Seriously concerned about the police conspiracy he was sure existed, Duff asked the Chief Constable of Dumfries and Galloway Police to appoint another force to investigate his claims, but that was refused.  The writ states that Boyd made sure that never happened and that there was no chance the police would ever be brought to book.

It further states that Boyd encouraged others to spread lies about Duff and to fake reports to "discredit" him.  Duff believes that he will never "get justice" and recover his property and goes on to say in the writ that Boyd will "continue his vendetta" against him to ensure he never will.

The ancient "Lawburrows" statute means that Boyd will have to come to court personally and assure Sheriff Jarvie that the actions Duff believes he was involved in will stop.  Duff will be given the opportunity to cross-examine Boyd and if the court believes that what Duff alleges about Boyd is true, then he will be told to post a bond for a sum of money.  If the vendetta continues, Boyd faces up to six months in prison.

The "Lawburrows" action is very unusual with the last use of it being in 1996.  The law was created in the reign of King James I and is actually older than the office of the Lord Advocate.  Sources close to Duff have said that it is ridiculous that he has to revert to laws nearly 600 years old to find justice in Scotland and that it was easier to bring public officials to justice in the Middle Ages than in the 21st Century.LINK

The Crown Office press office has refused to release comment to The Digger.

However, when the Daily Mail carried the story on Friday, 25 August 2006, it reported that the previous day, "a Crown Office spokesman said this was the first time the Lord Advocate had been personally cited to appear in court.  He refused to confirm whether Mr Boyd, who was made Lord Boyd of Duncansby in April, would attend.  ... A respected legal source said ... 'If the Lord Advocate is cited to appear in court in a personal capacity, I assume he will have to appear'."

[Ed ~ Since he failed to attend, how can he expect anyone else to attend who's been cited to so do?  He is courting anarchy.]

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[Ed ~ You may be asking yourself: "What has this to do with the Dunblane Whitewash?"  Bearing in mind that no one, not even those in the most trusting positions, like in the Lord Advocateship (whether it is Colin Boyd or some other lackey) has the authority to dig his heels in and ignore the law of the land, covering up for any Tom, Dick or Harry involved in the extended legal industry, or Crime-Protection-Syndicate, making the law a vehicle strictly for them to navigate to suit their own ends.  This was typified by Colin Boyd providing Lord Cullen the means to bury for 100 years my letters to Cullen during his inquiry into the Dunblane massacre.LINK  There is also the grave concern about the high profile paedophiles connected to Queen Victoria School, the "Friends of QVS", being ignored.LINK  This alone demonstrates the turpitude of the Lord Advocate's office, making James Duff's claims all the more credible.  Another connection is that we were both made bankrupt illegally.LINK]

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