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House of Lords Official Report Vol. 589 - No. 151 - 12th. May 1998 - WA113 & WA114

Verbatim Transcript:

Thomas Hamilton: Inspector Hughes' Report  LINK

Lord Burton asked Her Majesty's Government:

"Whether they will place in the Library of the House a copy of the Report by Sergeant, now Inspector Hughes, of Central Police, into Thomas Hamilton; to list all the charges to which he recommended consideration for prosecution; and whether they will state why the Report is not listed in the index or appendix to Lord Cullen's Report into the Dunblane tragedy." [HL1712] LINK

Lord Sewel:

"This report was made to the Procurator Fiscal while Thomas Hamilton was alive.  It was therefore not a submission to Lord Cullen's Inquiry, but the Inquiry took account of it as a production.  Lord Cullen did not list productions in the report or in the appendix.  Mr Hughes' report is, however, referred to at pages 34-36 of Lord Cullen's Report.



OK - so what does this TELL us?

NOTE: Lord Sewel was "The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Scottish Office".

NOTE: Lord Burton "To list all the charges to which he recommended consideration for prosecution". LINK

Lord Sewel did not answer this question and gave NO information of the charges recommended.

NOTE: Lord Burton "why is the Report not listed in the index or appendix?"

Lord Sewel gave NO answer to this question, he merely confirmed it was not listed.

NOTE: Lord Sewel "This report was made to the Procurator Fiscal while Thomas Hamilton was alive."  A mere statement of source of the submission.

NOTE: Lord Sewel: "It was therefore not a submission to Lord Cullen's Inquiry, but the Inquiry took account of it as a production."  This is "weasel wording".  It either was or it was not a submission.

If it was, why is it not listed?

If it was not, why is it referred to by Lord Cullen?

NOTE: Lord Sewel: "Lord Cullen did not list productions in the report or in the appendix."  We now note the PLURAL, what other documents and evidence were suppressed during this 'Public Enquiry'?

Why, contrary to precedent and common practice were not ALL documents & evidence listed?

NOTE: Lord Sewel "Mr. Hughes' report is, however, referred to at pages 34 - 36 of Lord Cullen's Report." How can reference be made to a document/evidence if it was not a submission to the enquiry and is not listed?

NOTE: Lord Sewel: "Lord Cullen concluded that these productions should have a 100-year closure placed on them."

This leads to a host of questions:

  1. By what authority can a member of the House of Lords enact a "closure"?
  2. By what authority does Lord Cullen ORDER the Procurator Fiscal?
  3. Why was no reference made in the Report to a matter of such gravity that Lord Cullen enacted a 100-year closure?
  4. How many items have been suppressed by this "closure"? LINK
  5. What other evidence has been withheld from the PUBLIC Enquiry? LINK
  6. What could be SO important that it requires closure for 100-years?  Cabinet war papers are normally released after 30 years.

I believe that the official answer would be "to protect the names of victims of paedophilia activities perpetrated by Thomas Hamilton".  This of course would be a totally inaccurate and misleading answer.  Various children are referred to in the Report and their anonymity is preserved therein by listing them in "Appendix 2" of Lord Cullen's Report as "*Anonymous Former Boys Club Member" etc.  The anonymity could be preserved by the simple expedient of use of a "felt tip pen", which I understand was used in "The Lawrence Inquiry".

It becomes increasingly clear that a massive cover-up has and is taking place.

There is every reason to believe that this orchestrated cover-up is with the collusion of parties producing Lord Cullen's Report, for which Lord Cullen is personally responsible.

Further this cover-up has required the collusion of senior Police Officers.

Further the cover-up has required the collusion of Senior Government Ministers.

Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Cabinet.

Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Home Secretary.

Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Prime Minister.

QUESTION: Do the people of Britain pay for a Report of this stature to be a cover-up?

QUESTION: Who is of such a stature that members of the House of Lords, senior Police, Cabinet Ministers, the Home Secretary, the Prime Minister and others would "spirit away" documents?

QUESTION: Who else was implicated in Mr. Hughes' Production, which senior politician(s) is/are being sheltered by this cover-up and was named by Mr. Hughes, of Central Police, into Thomas Hamilton; listing all the charges to which he recommended consideration for prosecution?

QUESTION: Was there a case pending against a senior politician linking him with Thomas Hamilton and paedophile activities, which was suppressed "because" of the election?

QUESTION: Did George Robertson MP, now Lord Robertson head of NATO, as is alleged, support the application for a Firearms Certificate for Thomas Hamilton, stating him to be a man "suitable and of good character"?  George Robertson was at the time an MP. LINK

Should this be established?

QUESTION: Was George Robertson "leant on" to make the support?

QUESTION: Would this explain the "over the top" vociferous activities of George Robertson MP, AFTER the Dunblane tragedy, against legal firearms and in breach of The Bill of Rights and existing legal legislation?

QUESTION: What documents are being suppressed? LINK

QUESTION: Was there any connection between any of the following eg. membership of the same Masonic Lodge: LINK

Thomas Hamilton, any Police Officer in the case, any Cabinet Minister, any MP or Lord Cullen?

QUESTION: Did then Sergeant, now Inspector, Hughes write a report [believed to be 7 pages long] condemning Hamilton as unsuitable as a Firearms Certificate holder? LINK

QUESTION: Was Mr McMurdo, the Assistant Chief Constable of Central Police, responsible for the rejection of recommendations that Hamilton should not be issued a Firearms Certificate?

QUESTION: Why was Hamilton granted a Firearms Certificate when he was KNOWN to be of unsound and unstable character?

QUESTION: Why was this not shown in detail in Lord Cullen's Report?  Surely this was a major constituent point that such a Report should have addressed.

DEDUCTIONS: We believe we know the identities of ALL concerned in terms of incriminated by this information.

We believe that Lord Cullen has by virtue of the cover-up in the Report on the Dunblane Tragedy in which it is possible that Politicians and Police were responsible, albeit indirectly, for the death of:

Victoria Clydesdale - Emma Crozier - Melissa Currie - Charlotte Dunn - Kevin Hassell - Ross Irvine - David Kerr - Mhairi MacBeath - Gwen Hodson/Mayor - Brett McKinnon - Abigail McLennan - Emily Morton - Sophie North - John Petrie - Joanna Ross - Hanna Scott - Maegan Turner

should be precluded from heading or participating in the Report on the Paddington Rail Tragedy.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as the head of NATO seems to be in some way embroiled in the matter and this could prove to be a risk to the safety and security of the NATO Alliance and the Western World.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as as it seems that a PUBLIC Inquiry has been suborned.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as there seems to be a cover-up relating to senior Ministers of Her Majesty's Government.

Should anyone reading this have ANY contribution of fact or evidence material to this apparent cover-up please take one of two actions:

  1. IF YOU WISH to remain anonymous please contact me direct with any information you may wish to impart.
  2. IF you are happy to be linked to the ongoing investigation PLEASE join and post your information to <EUroRealist@onelist.com> with a copy direct to me (Greg.)

PLEASE whatever you do distribute this e-mail as widely as you can - the British Public should be made aware that there would seem to be solid evidence of a cover-up sheltering senior Government Ministers and employees of the Crown.

PLEASE also be mindful of the security of Britain, NATO and the Western World, in the light of the FACTS above and acquit your duty to defend your Country by ensuring that this information is thoroughly brought to light.

Thank you ALL for helping to disseminate this information.


I have taken the liberty of transcribing below a letter which was first sent in November 1996 to The Press & Journal of Aberdeen, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and The Gun Club of Great Britain.  No response was received.
The substance was as a result sent to The House of Commons subsequently no response thereto was received.
I have taken the liberty of removing the identity of the original sender for their own security.


"With regard to recent publicity correlating secret organisations with paedophilia, particularly the Freemasons, I would like to bring to your attention the link between the abuse of boys at the Queen Victoria School (QVS), Dunblane.  The large presence of Freemasons in that establishment and the slaughter of 16 children and a teacher at Dunblane by Thomas Hamilton on 13 March 1996.  As far as I know no such link was revealed in the Cullen Report.   In June 1994, I released a report about my own experience as a housemaster at QVS.  A copy of my report was sent to almost every Scottish education authority in July 1994.

I believe that, had my allegations in 1991 been properly investigated, there is a strong possibility that Hamilton would have been discovered.  His signatures in the visitors log have been removed.  The awful slaughter in March 1996 could have been prevented by an impartial police investigation.

In my report of June 1994, I accused the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Scottish Office and the Procurator Fiscal of a deliberate cover up and of maladministration at the QVS.

The Masonic presence in the local police and the QVS was strong.   It is a fact that Hamilton was enrolled in Lodge Number 1417 (Garrowhill) in 1977 [Ed ~ Garrowhill, Lanarkshire Middle Ward is actually No 1413, 118 Garrowhill Drive. LINK   Lodge 1417 is the Jubilee (Natal) Lodge in South Africa.] He was granted a firearms certificate in 1997.  It was no idle boast when Hamilton claimed he was "a friend of the police".   

In March 1996, just after the slaughter, Hamilton's file went missing.  Hamilton was a regular visitor to the primary departments of QVS.  I saw him on several occasions as a friend of a housemaster.   He was one of many visitors.  I presume the school security had cleared him.  Nothing of this was in the Cullen report.  Lord Cullen is a Mason with a duty to protect brother Masons. LINK

There is evidence to show corruption and maladministration by the police.  ... why [are] the police ... not going to be investigated?

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