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Acting Detective Constable, no. 605, Graham Capes, Criminal Investigation Department, Stirling - aged 26 - service 5 and a half years.

The Police Officer viewing CCTV and Bank video tapes from male, fitting description of Hamilton on 11th March, 1996 and 12th March 1996.  Witness operated between 1st April 1996 and 3rd April 1996 along with non-witnesses.   Detective Constable Stolarek to identify Hamilton's movements.  This was established during the Police enquiry.

Also including the movements of Hamilton within the Clydesdale Bank, Murray Place, Stirling, on Monday, 11th March 1996.  The video showed Hamilton as being within the Clydesdale Bank between 0952 hours and 0959 hours on Monday, 11th March 1996.

He later viewed a cassette tape recorder from the CCTV Room at Police Headquarters, Stirling, tape number 000256, dated 11th March 1996.  Cameras numbers 8, 4 and 5, detail the movement of a man fitting the description of Hamilton between 2214 hours and 2221 hours ranging from Goosecroft Road, Stirling to the Linden Avenue Roundabout, Stirling.  The witness also viewed tape number 00021, dated 12th March 1996.  Camera number 6 on this tape details the movements of a man fitting the description of Hamilton between the early hours of 1205 hours and 1210 hours.  [Ed. ~ I suspect he means: "the early hours of 0005 hours and 0010 hours."]  Movements are ranging from Station Road, Stirling, to Goosecroft Road, Stirling.

The witness also viewed tape number 000015, dated 12th March 1996 in which camera number 4 details the movements along with camera number 5 of a man fitting the description of Hamilton between the hours of 1210 and 1211.  Movements from Wellgreen, Stirling, to Burghmuir Road, Stirling.  The witness also viewed tape number 00021 dated 12th March 1996 in which cameras number 5 and 6 detailed the movements for a white van fitting the description of a Ford Escort motor van, registration number M394 KBO from Burghmuir Roundabout, Stirling, towards Linden Avenue Roundabout.

The witness finally viewed tape number 000346, dated 13rd March 1996.  At 0844 hours, camera number 6 shows a white van fitting the description Ford Escort white van, registration number M394 KBO travelling on Burghmuir Road, Stirling, heading northwest towards Burghmuir Roundabout.  LINK   Camera number 4, at 0846 hours shows the vehicle travelling round the roundabout and appearing to exit towards Kerse Road, Stirling.

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[Ed. ~ Question: Why is there a discrepancy of 28 minutes from DC Capes' statement to the Criminal Investigation Department and his later testimony to the Cullen Inquiry LINK?  If they can follow Thomas Hamilton's movements on CCTV cameras, why did he say the van was spotted at 0912 hours when it was earlier documented by the Criminal Investigation Department as 0844?  Why did they suddenly try to steer clear of Thomas Hamilton's movements during that potentially crucial period?]

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