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After the illegal 100-year closure order on the Dunblane files was lifted on 3 October 2005, Sandra Uttley released an e-mail message to many interested parties on Friday, 7 October 2005.   It was  a response to an article by Marcello Mega in the Sunday Mail on 2 October 2005 after Mick North seemed just too fatigued to fight for a renewed Dunblane Inquiry with no restrictive remit despite writing a book: "Dunblane - Never Forget". LINK

Dr Mick North

"I [Sandra Uttley] am the former partner of Mick North whose daughter was killed in the Dunblane tragedy. LINK   I have been researching the background to the massacre and campaigning for a New Inquiry for the last 3 years.

"Oh how they must be laughing at the Crown Office.  They've pulled it off.  The Dunblane Cover-up.  Mick North, bolstered by Marcello Mega, has told us there was no conspiracy. LINK  I've always thought it very sad that the Scottish Legal Establishment managed to orchestrate the cover-up right under the noses of the parents and all the journalists at the actual Inquiry.  It is more than sad, it is tragic, that they have put the finishing touches to the cover-up in such a public way.  Mick has single-handedly decided for the people of Britain that there has been no cover-up.

"Direct quote from Mick to me [Sandra Uttley] (by email) last autumn [2004]: 'Although I wish it were otherwise, I think that sadly the pursuit of truth does not bring those responsible to book.  I find that the aftermath of the exposure of the (obviously) false case for invading Iraq has demonstrated that the general public do not appear to be put off by lying, and will continue to believe the untruths even when it's been proved beyond doubt that the politicians have been lying through their teeth.  It is a deeply disturbing trend that politicians are happy to continue with.  So when you get to the Truth I fear there may well be even more battles to come.'

"Mick never wanted the truth.  He arrogantly assumes the public does not want to know the truth either.  He is wrong.  Very wrong.  And he is not our moral custodian."

- ENDS -     Sandra Uttley

[Ed ~ Is it right that Mick North and Marcello Mega think they can go out on a limb -  outside the family group that was bonded in the aftermath of the Dunblane massacre - and speak, perhaps arrogantly, for the rest of the victims' families and the Scottish public in deciding there was no cover-up by Central Scotland Police LINK?  Particularly in the face of all the glaring evidence.  Not least that of the ex-housemaster of Dunblane's Queen Victoria School, Glenn Harrison LINK who put his job LINK and life LINK on the line over the child abuse at QVS?   Or on the evidence of my own letters to Lord Cullen, which were put by him on a 100-year closure order because I accused him of conducting a masonic whitewash while the inquiry was still ongoing. LINK ]

Read semi-professional party litigant, Martin Frost's revelational disclosures about the release of the Dunblane files - Dunblane: Not all done. LINK

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