The Ship of State Sales on in Majesty Having Unloaded Unwanted Passengers

BILD (Germany's largest daily) - Sep. 9, 1997 (fp-headline)
"Diana's death: Intelligence agents were in the Hotel."
"Ex-MI6 Agent Richard Tomlinson (pictured) claims that the MI6 was involved 'in the Paris accident where the Princess of Wales, Diana, was killed'."
Curiously, after Mr Tomlinson supposedly committed suicide in a burned out car, his office was raided and all his files were removed, along with, mysteriously, the lives of two of his staff.
Click photo to view Tomlinson's affidavit
The Mirror, London, Feb. 12, 1998, page 1


EXCLUSIVE: Fayed talks to The Mirror

- He says someone killed Diana & Dodi
- He reveals truth about her last words
- He confirms that they WERE engaged

"What I am saying is 200 per cent true. The British Establishment are happy to try and ridicule me and I believe many of them are happy that Diana and Dodi were killed ..."(Mr. Al Fayed)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, London, February 13, 1998, p. 26:
"A Friend shocked me the other day saying he thought Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed had been assassinated.  Eh?  Yes, he said, it was as clear as day that MI5 or, as it may be, MI6 had been responsible for their deaths.  What shocked me most was his judgment that our security forces had been wholly justified in their action.  My friend reckoned it was right to prevent a marriage between the Princess and Mr. Fayed, and if this meant they had to be bumped off, so be it." (By Steven Glover)






Der Spiegel 20/May 17, 1999, page 259


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Princess Diana

- 1 -
Was I so terribly wrong
To marry a prince of the realm?
Swept up in the vortex of pomp,
Isolated in a cheerless swamp.
Unaware I was just a player
To provide England with an heir
When my life took a drastic turn
As Charles dealt me a spurn.
Finding solace in the arms of another,
Understood by only my brother.

- 2 -
'92, I warred with the Windsors,
'95, I called them my lessers
The 20th November on “Panorama”,
I was asked for an honest answer.
“Was MI5 bugging and spying?"
"Retaining mail, stalking and prying?”
To answer that silly question,
I said, “Ask a rhetorician.”
“Is the Queen a pape or a proddy?”
“Does she prefer Charles to Dodi?”

- 3 -
Then I spoke of the enemy within,
Of my husband and all his kin.
Of Camilla, their long-lasting fling,
Charles’ unfitness to ever be king.
Exactly one month later,
Advised by Charles’ mater,
From herself and no other source,
She said, “Get an early divorce.”
On orders from the royal doyenne,
I had to settle for 15 million.

- 4 -
With the children’s custody shared,
I knew I wouldn’t be spared.
Through Philip’s deceit and lying,
He planned my apt time for dying.
With a pretence of laissez faire,
He lured me into his lair.
But I averted the short-cut to Heaven,
Until nineteen ninety-seven.
Phil’s rage then reached a peak,
So my future was looking bleak.

- 5 -
Dodi Fayed came into my life,
So I consented to be his wife.
The Windsors then decided,
MI6 would be provided
To try and sort out the mess
And in turn hire the SAS.
On orders from Buckingham Palace,
A six-man team followed us to Paris.
Said Phil to G.C. Headquarters,
Dodi’s phone calls must be monitored.

- 6 -
Back home I’d felt secure,
Despite my brief amour.
But that was not to last,
MI6 were working fast.
On the thirtieth of August in France,
Harrowed by august surveillance,
We went to Champs Elysées to dine,
At some time round about nine
To be met by the paparazzi,
On this, our final odyssey.

- 7 -
We returned to the Ritz Hotel,
The royal “angel” - or “infidel”?
I, a Christian since being a kid',
He a Muslim, more loathed than a Yid.
From Balmoral Phil ranted and raved:
“They’ve the audacity to get engaged.”
“Diana he’ll never marry,”
“And be stepfather to William and Harry.”
So he said it was time to stop her.
Calling Dodi, “An oily bed-hopper.”

- 8 -
Though the Ritz is grandiose,
We all felt quite morose.
Deciding to phone his father,
Dodi disclosed that he’d rather
Return to his own apartment,
Than remain in the Ritz transparent.
He then explained to his Dad,
Out front was like a jihad.
But against his Dad’s advice,
We’d depart and pay the price.

- 9 -
But Dad had a crafty ploy,
To organise a decoy.
And to avoid a media attack,
We were told to leave by the back.
Among all the crowds in the street,
Mingled agents, unpleasant to meet.
The Ministry of Justice, next door,
Was told, “Treat her like a whore!”
And although it couldn’t be closer,
The gendarme didn’t give a “tosser”.

- 10 -
The security that was provided
Was nonexistent and coincided
With the Windsors' tricks and wiles
And their allied “Club of the Isles”.
Mocking the plot as arrant nonsense,
They were conspicuous by their absence.
Ignoring my very presence,
Till my moment of obsolescence.
Said the Duke, “It’s very pleasing,”
“To behold them navel-gazing.”

- 11 -
Up in the Imperial Suite,
We were trying to be discreet.
But the plan to leave by the rear,
Was overheard by the MI6 ear.
Dodi made one final call,
To Rees-Jones and Henri Paul.
Telling Trevor not to worry,
“But get Henri out back in a hurry.”
“This stake-out’s far too serious.”
“We’re leaving in the Mercedes.”

- 12 -
With Henri in charge at the wheel,
A sense of security we all did feel.
On a night distinguishable by stars,
We were followed by two other cars.
Soon joined by a motor cycle,
The Mercedes they tried to encircle.
So Henri put down his foot,
With the cavalry in hot pursuit.
We sped along the highway,
Followed by agents and paparazzi.

- 13 -
At the Place de l’Alma tunnel,
Awaited a Fiat Uno, turbo-model.
The motorbike upfront was swerving,
The Fiat Uno, colliding – unnerving!
Weighted down to maximise impact,
Ideal for concluding the compact.
From the bike up front blazed a flash,
Causing the Merc to swerve and to crash.
The last thing I heard was, “Kill her!”
As we rammed the thirteenth pillar.

- 14 -
From the tunnel the vehicles fled,
Leaving two injured, two dead!
Up the road they took a sharp right,
And soon disappeared out of sight.
Under two miles away from the damage,
They arrived at an underground garage.
With diplomatic immunity and privacy,
They hid upstairs in the British Embassy
Yet they said it was no one’s fault,
This premeditated vehicular assault.

- 15 -
Back in the Place de l’Alma tunnel,
No one spoke of conduct criminal.
Tho’ the police were quick on the spot,
They had already concocted the plot.
But I managed to quietly murmur:
“Vehicular homicide! Blatant murder!”
And since it was patently evident,
The crash was certainly no accident,
It was decided right then to deprive
Me of attention required to survive.

- 16 -
Then on the ambulance’s arrival,
I thought they’d help with my revival.
But in spite of internal bleeding,
I’m denied the treatment I’m needing.
After an hour of bogus vigilance,
They carried me into the ambulance.
With the hospital just four miles away,
They had to create another delay.
So they took an alternative route,
As I heard the cherubim flute.

- 17 -
Four hospitals were nearer at hand,
Was what many did not understand.
For had I been taken sooner,
I could’ve remained longer sublunar.
Or even to a hospital nearer.
I could’ve exposed the royal sneerer,
The Prince of Darkness at Balmoral,
I’d have had an almighty quarrel.
Unfortunately that wasn’t to be,
It was the Almighty I was destined to see.

- 18 -
My life flashed by me in seconds,
Thoughts of Charles up in the highlands.
Red Deer, the hills, the keen smell,
My private life of hell.
The skiing and laughs with Fergie,
The counting of every calorie.
As my life hung in the balance,
I thought of Dodi, not misalliance.
The children I would die for.
The children I must survive for.

- 19 -
For them I must stay womanly.
That’s easy, but then suddenly,
A thought sprang to my head,
I’ve been dreaming too long, instead
Of constantly thinking of danger,
From Philip, the royal avenger.
No more can I recollect,
With the morphine taking effect.
I was unaware I passed away,
But I swear I heard, “Hip hip, hooray!”

- 20 -
At Balmoral and at Whitehall,
And G.C.H.Q. they were having a ball.
And they all had a merry dance,
At the British Embassy in France.
So we’ll have to indict the culprits,
Who went 4 miles in 43 minutes.
To the hospital Le Petié-Salpêtrière.
Leaving me too much time for prayer.
Not enough time for recuperation,
It’ll be to their eternal damnation.

- 21 -
In the weeks and months to come,
The French police could’ve acted dumb.
Instead of issuing lies
About the cause of my demise.
They were lost in a chaotic jungle,
Due to bungle after bungle.
Not least with the limousine driver,
(Who was also a non-survivor.)
And although he was no monk,
Henri Paul was far from drunk.

- 22 -
It was claimed at the initial autopsy,
He was more than a little tipsy.
They also said there’s a sign
Of taking drugs, but didn’t define
How the original sample of blood
Was an ineffective dud.
Contaminated and inconclusive,
The concept of justice was illusive.
“Paul’s body,” the coroner sighed,
“Has fatal levels of carbon monoxide.”

- 23 -
One doesn’t have to overly think
To know these gases were not in a drink.
But what did not meet the eye,
Henri Paul was an MI6 spy.
Ex-agent, Richard Tomlinson revealed,
For a price, Henri often had squealed. LINK
Sharing loyalty is not only treacherous,
Oftentimes it can also be dangerous.
On double wages, Henri failed to foresee,
The morgue yields no witness – no fee.

- 24 -
So it’s now up to Judge Hervé Stephan
To ensure that justice gets even.
And never to close the case,
Until Philip meets disgrace.
The disinformation propaganda must fail
To sidetrack from the conspiracy trail.
Only then will the Genesis dove,
Look down from Heaven above,
And forgive you because you denied,
How an establishment victim had died.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The poem follows the Harrods letter
Harrods letter
17 November 1998


Murder Unpunished
Dodi al-Fayed
Dodi al-Fayed
The Ship of State Sails on in Majesty having Unloaded Unwanted Passengers
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