Cullen Frames the Content of his Clerk's Letter
Lord Cullen

100-year closure order

[Ed ~ The memo below is an internal instruction from Lord William Douglas Cullen to his Clerk to the Dunblane Inquiry, Glynis McKeand.  It was put by Lord Cullen on his extra-statutory, therefore illegal 100-year closure order, and held until its release by the National Archives of Scotland at West Register House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh on "File COM21/4/105/1" when the then Scottish Executive ordered its long-awaited release to the public for Monday, 3 October 2005.  The memo is listed below.]


WDC    [Ed ~ "WDC" is William Douglas Cullen]                                        12/7/96

Please forward to me Production R30 referred to by you with reference to Wm Burns (freemasons)

GM  [Ed ~ "GM" is Glynis McKeand, Clerk to the Cullen Inquiry] LINK




I think that “R30” refers to a set of letters clipped together which were produced fairly early in this Inquiry (consisting of a copy of his [Ed ~ Thomas Hamilton's] letter to the Queen and letters to M Forsyth LINK, Councillor Ball LINK and parents etc).

While the tone in these letters is critical of the Scouts and the police, there is nothing specifically about the "Brotherhoods".LINK  Therefore, I don't think they will be of any significance to you.  Hence, I do not enclose them!  {Ed ~ Why not?  Is it because they are of great significance to a prying public and would produce additional corroboration to the Masonic cover-up?]

In framing your letter to Masonic connection writer [i.e., William Burns LINK] you should, I suggest, keep the reply as short and as general as possible.  You could perhaps state that the question of whether TH [Ed. ~ "TH" is Thomas Hamilton] was a member of the Masons was not overlooked in the Inquiry LINK.  Then perhaps say that there was evidence indirectly LINK that he was not a member LINK and indeed that he had written disparagingly about the connection between the police and “Brotherhood organisations”.

I hope that this is of some help.  Please don’t hesitate to send me a draft of what you propose to write (with the letter to which it is to be a reply).

WC       12/7/96     [Ed ~ WC is William Cullen - the cover-up was well underway.]

National Archives of Scotland

West Register House


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