Scottish Parliament
Carolyn Leckie

Carolyn Leckie MSP






Business Bulletin No. 150/2004
Monday 25 October 2004


Section F : Motions and Amendments


*S2M-1876 Carolyn Leckie: The Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane Tragedy—That the Parliament is concerned about the 100-year closure order which is currently in force on over 100 documents which formed part of the Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane Tragedy; is further concerned to note that there is no statutory basis for this 100-year closure order and that, despite the Lord Advocate two years ago agreeing to release some of the papers, after editing to delete the names of children whose identity must be protected, no access to the documents has yet been allowed LINK; notes that the documents covered by the 100-year closure order include police reports, plans of Dunblane Primary School and part of Thomas Hamilton’s autopsy report; believes that the Cullen Inquiry left many questions unanswered, including allegations that Thomas Hamilton had access to the facilities at Queen Victoria School and associated with police officers and other well-known members of the community and the fact that there is a period prior to the tragedy when the whereabouts of Thomas Hamilton and who he met is unknown LINK; further believes that the Cullen Inquiry made no serious effort to discover Thomas Hamilton’s lifestyle and associates prior to the Dunblane Tragedy which might have shed some light on what drove him to commit such a dreadful act; believes that the Cullen Inquiry bears the hallmarks of a cover-up, and calls for a new inquiry, without a restrictive remit, to be set up without delay. LINK

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