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Let justice be done though the heavens fall
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News of the World
The Dunblane Inquiry was a cover-up and peers bullied me to keep quiet."  [Ed ~ Lord Mackay of Clashfern to name but one. LINK]  Lord Burton (left) was Grand Master Mason of the Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland at the time  of the Dunblane massacre and inquiry.
Lord Burton
The Scotsman
Lord Cullen
Question on Masonic links left inquiry chief stunned.  Lord Cullen received letter only weeks after the massacre. LINK
Edinburgh Evening News
Malcolm Rifkind and Robert Bell

"Dunblane killer got guns from Top Tory.  Rifkind's pal sold guns to Thomas Hamilton."
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Lord Colin Boyd
To read my two letters to him: Click here
To whom was the former Lord Advocate Colin Boyd swearing allegiance? Lord Cullen?  Cullen's Gagging Order? LINK   Freemasonry? Paedophiles?  Whoever it was, it was certainly not to the Scottish people.
By dint of being Scottish Secretaries, Malcolm Rifkind, Ian Lang and Michael Forsyth became Presidents of the Board of Commissioners of Queen Victoria School in Dunblane with a leading legal responsibility to the Secretary of State for Defence for the custody and care of  the pupils who boarded at QVS.  So what role did they play in protecting, or otherwise, the pupils who were physically and sexually abused at Queen Victoria School?
Queen Victoria School
Glenn Harrison QVS
Petition to the Scottish Parliament for a new Dunblane Inquiry by William Burns LINK
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Lord Cullen Knighthood
Lord Cullen
The "right" judge to preside over the Dunblane Inquiry Whitewash was chosen within a day of the massacre. LINK
News of the World
Sandra Uttley
Dunblane ambulance paramedic, Sandra Uttley (left) and Doreen Hagger call for a new inquiry
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Lord Culleny
Cullen cloaks damning report Click Photo
The Sun
Top Dunblane school probe Click Photo
Prince Philip
Ian Bell
"The Cullen Inquiry was a 'PIECE OF THEATRE'," says former university lecturer, Dr Mick North, father of Dunblane victim, Sophie. LINK
Scottish Daily Mail
Why is the Scottish Parliament refusing to hold a "proper" inquiry into the events leading up to and including the Dunblane massacre? LINK