Below is a copy of a letter sent by William W Scott to Mr Mike Wells.

Dear Mike

Attached is a letter I received from Mohammad Sarwar MP

Since November 1999 I have been trying to uncover the truth behind the killing of 16 children and a teacher and the death of Thomas Hamilton in the gymnasium of Dunblane Primary School on 13th March 1996 but now find myself at a dead end.
Although I have no wish to give up I can see no way forward at the moment.

I wonder if paedophiles in high places put pressure on Mr. Sarwar.

Have you given up the idea of studying Hamilton's firearm file?

All the best.

William W Scott

[Ed. ~ You will note from the letter above that the chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee Mohammad Sarwar MP is using ambiguous terms to make anything seem like something or nothing at will by claiming: "It's a long accepted principle that the interpretation of our orders of reference is a matter for the Committee."  "Long standing principle" or "practice" has no meaning in law and is generally used by bureaucratic lackeys to justify the order of the day.  However, Mohammad Sarwar MP is actually admitting thatt it is a matter for his Committee to selectively interpret their orders of reference in which ever way they choose.  Incredibly, he then tries to claim that the matters raised by William Scott fall outside the Committee's remit.  This is institutional paralysis at its most effective and is, to put it bluntly, BULLSHIT.To read William W Scott's letter to the Freedom of Information Unit, and other info', click here.

To read exchanges between the Lord Advocate and John Home Roberston MSP and William W Scott and John Home Robertson MSP, click here.]

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Mohammad Sarwar MP

Dunblane Massacre
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The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 massacre
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Kevin Hassell
Victoria Clydesdale
Ross Irvine
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John Petrie
Hanna Scott
Joanna Ross
Sophie North
Emily Morton
Maegan Turner
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan
Charlotte Dunn
Mhairi MacBeath
Melissa Currie
Gwen Hodson/Mayor - schoolteacher
List of the victims of the Dunblane massacre
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We know that the above victims were killed by Thomas Hamilton, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!
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WWW Dunblane Whitewash