Part of Tom Minogue's formal complaint to Central Scotland Police (Family Unit Bannockburn) regarding allegations of physical and sexual abuse of pupils at Queen Victoria School Dunblane between 1989 & 1992



  1. Ogilvie, Boal & Ure's Evidence Transcripts to the Cullen Inquiry

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The following is Tom Minogue's further attempts to obtain justice for the victims of Dunblane, inclusive of the abused pupils in Queen Victoria School (QVS), and to enforce members of the Judiciary to declare their status regarding Freemasonry

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Tom Minogue

Tom Minogue's Complaint To Central Scotland Police

Dunblane Massacre
The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 Massacre.

List of the victims of the Dunblane Massacre

Victoria Clydesdale
Mhairi MacBeath
Charlotte Dunn
Melissa Currie
Emma Crozier
Kevin Hassell
Ross Irvine
David Kerr
Gwen Hodson/Mayor - schoolteacher
John Petrie
Hanna Scott
Joanna Ross
Sophie North
Emily Morton
Maegan Turner
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan

We know that the above people were killed by Thomas Hamilton, but we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton

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Dunblane Cover-up