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Beware Authority
Lord Cullen
Who's to blame for QVS

Admission to the School is open to the children of Scottish Service personnel or those who are serving in Scotland, with priority given to children whose parents have been killed or have died while in service and also to compassionate cases in other respects.  The school is open to children from all ranks, including officers.

Management Board 5.  The School’s governing body is the Board of Her Majesty’s Commissioners who are responsible to the Secretary of State for Defence.  Membership of the Board of Her Majesty's Commissioners during the year was as follows:

The Secretary of State for Scotland – President
Lieutenant General Sir John MacMillan KCB CBE – Chairman
The General Officer Commanding Scotland
The Lord Justice-Clerk Lord Ross ["Spec" member at the time of the massacre and Inquiry. LINK]
Dr S E McClelland CBE BSc PhD (Retired 18 June 2001)
Mrs N H Howe
D MacLehose Esq ["Spec" member LINK]
Major General J D MacDonald CB CBE DL
Air Vice Marshal J Morris CBE BSc
Captain R A Smith RN
Dr M Ewart MA (Cantab) (Retired 30 April 2002)
Dr P J Rycroft MA D.Phil (Appointed 5 June 2002)
Sir Moray Stewart KCB D.Litt
W McD Moodie Esq CBE QPM
Miss P Scott
Rear Admiral N E Rankin CB CBE

Patrons of the Centenary Appeal

1 *HRH Duke of Edinburgh LINK ["Spec" member LINK]
2 Lieutenant General Sir Norman Arthur, KCB
3 Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Baird
4 Air Marshal Sir Peter Bairsto, KBC CB AFC DL CCIM
5 Lieutenant General Sir Alexander Boswell
6 Air Commodore S Bryant, ADC MA BA RAF, Air Officer Scotland
7 The RT Hon the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Councillor Liz Cameron, MA
8 Air Vice Marshal George A Chesworth, CB OBE DFC JP
9 Gilbert K Cox Esq, MBE JP
10 Mrs Sheena C Cruickshank
11 The Rt Hon Lord Cullen of Whitekirk, The Lord President [
"Spec" member LINK]
12 Captain Ronald C Cunningham-Jardine
13 Mrs C Margaret Dean
14 Air Commodore R B Duckett, CVO AFC ADC RAF
15 Sir Robin Duthie
16 Major General R D S Gordon, CBE
17 General Sir Michael Gow, GCB DL
18 Lieutenant General Sir Peter Graham
19 Rear Admiral A M Gregory OBE
20 Air Commodore J H Haines, OBE DL RAF (Rtd)
21 Major General J M F C Hall, CB OBE, Colonel The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
22 Brigadier Donald D G Hardie, KST.J TD JP FIM
23 Rear Admiral N H L Harris, MBE, FOSNI and Naval Base Commander Clyde
24 Mrs Lesley Hinds, the Rt Hon, the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh
25 Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin KBC CBE, Colonel Commandant
26 Lieutenant General Sir Henry Leask
27 James Loughran Esq (NYOS)
28 Dr S E McClelland
29 Edward McGuire Esq (NYOS)
30 Rear Admiral D J Mackenzie
31 Alexander Matheson Esq, OBE
32 Mr J D F Miller
33 Sir David Montgomery, Bt
34 Vice Admiral Sir Christopher Morgan KBE
35 W Garth Morrison Esq, CBE
36 Cameron H Parker Esq, OBE
37 Dr June Paterson-Brown, CBE
38 Mr C D Pighills
39 The Rt Hon Lord Ross ["Spec" member  LINK]
40 Vice Admiral Sir Cameron Rusby KCB LVO
41 Mrs Clare N Russell, JP
42 Major General M I E Scott
43 Lieutenant General Sir David William Scott-Barrett, KBE MC
44 Colonel G R Simpson DSO LVO TD DL
45 Mr John D B Smart Esq
46 Colonel James Stirling of Garden, CBE TD
47 Captain Roderick W K Stirling of Fairburn, TD JP
48 Major General M J Strudwick
49 Major Alexander R Trotter
50 Brigadier O R Tweedy, OBE
51 Vice Admiral Sir George Vallings KCB
52 Air Marshal Sir Richard Wakeford,KCB LVO, OBE, AFC
53 Mr Garry Walker Esq (NYOS)
54 Captain David Younger

Queen Victoria School’s governing body is the BOARD OF HER MAJESTY'S COMMISSIONERS who are responsible to the Secretary of State for Defence.  "Spec" members, Lord Cullen LINK, Lord Ross LINK, Prince Philip LINK and D MacLehose LINK have all been on the Board and had a leading legal responsibility for the custody and care of the pupils at QVS, not least those who were physically and sexually abused.

The Lord Justice-Clerk, Lord Ross LINK, Scotland's second most senior judge at the time, announced his decision to retire that position in January 1997.  He was succeeded by Lord Cullen, who became well-known through his reprehensible chairmanship of the inquiries into the Piper Alpha disaster and the shootings at Dunblane Primary School.  Lord Cullen was sworn in (most likely by his reprehensible Masonic henchmen) as Lord Justice-Clerk on 15 January 1997, a few months after the conclusion of the Dunblane Inquiry whitewash.  Scotland's most senior judge at the time was another "Spec" member, Lord Hope LINK, the Lord President and Lord Justice-General.

Non-Spec members - but could well be Masons nevertheless - Malcolm Rifkind LINK, Ian Lang LINK and Michael Forsyth LINK, as Conservative Secretaries of State for Scotland from, respectively, 11 January 1986 to 28 November 1990, from 28 November 1990 to 5 July 1995, and from 5 July 1995 to 2 May 1997, were all Presidents of the Board of Her Majesty’s Commissioners at QVS with a legal responsibilty for the well-being of the pupils who were physically and sexually abused there.  These three dud Tory Scottish Secretaries must be probed at any proposed new Inquiry about the role they played in protecting, or in not protecting, the victims of child sex-abuse at QVS.

N.B. As Secretary of State for Defence from 10 April 1992 to 5 July 1995, Malcolm Rifkind had PRINCIPAL legal responsibility for the well-being of pupils at QVS during that period.

Ian Lang MP
Prince Philip
Michael Forsyth MP
Thomas Hamilton
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Dunblane Public Inquiry
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Dunblane Cover-up
How many more non-Spec Law Lords are Masons nevertheless?
Acknowledgement :
Credit to Tom Minogue for unearthing the Spec roll of dishonour and also its founding members.
Law Lords who are members of the exclusive, secretive, Masonic and highly suspect Speculative Society of Edinburgh (Spec):
WWW Dunblane Whitewash
WWW Dunblane Whitewash
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Dunblane Angels
St Blane's Church Dunblane
The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 massacre
Emma Crozier
Kevin Hassell
Victoria Clydesdale
Ross Irvine
David Kerr
John Petrie
Hanna Scott
Joanna Ross
Sophie North
Emily Morton
Maegan Turner
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan
Charlotte Dunn
Mhairi MacBeath
Melissa Currie
Gwen Hodson/Mayor - schoolteacher
List of the victims of the Dunblane massacre
Ed ~ Why did Lord Cullen try to bury my letters to him for 100 years?  Read the letters.
Dunblane Massacre
We know that the above victims were killed by Thomas Hamilton, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!