James Douglas-Hamilton

'Little evidence of indecency by Hamilton'


THERE had not been enough evidence to prosecute Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton for indecency before the massacre, the Govern-ment declared last night.

Hamilton killed 16 primary school children

and their teacher at the school gym in Dunblane on 13 March this year.

The Government also stated last night that it would not be investigating the actions of the police or the Procurator Fiscal over the possible prosecutions of Hamilton before the killings.

The inquiry into the tragedy, led by Lord Cullen, heard concerns about Hamilton's activities when he was running boys' clubs in the town.

The Scottish Office minister, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton said in a written Commons reply that there had not been enough evidence to prosecute Hamilton for acts of indecency from his time as a boys' club leader.

He said there had been no evidence under the so-called Moorov Doctrine in Scottlish law, which allows the reports from several witnesses to be used as corroborating evidence of each other.  [Ed. ~ Contemptible liar!  There were numerous reports and complaints about Hamilton that were ignored.]

Lord James said: "There was in fact very little evidence of any acts of indecency on the part of Thomas Hamilton.  So far as can be established no incident amounting to sexual interference with male children was reported to the police while Hamilton was alive.

In answer to another question, Lord James said that the actions of the police in reporting cases to the Procurator Fiscal were examined by Lord Cullen, who concluded that there was no evidence of any criminal act on Hamilton's part before the tragedy.

Lord James said: "In the light of Lord Cullen's findings, the Secretary of State sees no need for further investigation into the actions of the police in making reports to [the] Procurator Fiscal, and the Lord Advocate considers that further investigation of the actions of the Procurators Fiscal is unnecessary.

[Ed ~ Lord James Douglas-Hamilton is a member of the same secretive and highly suspect, masonic Speculative Society of Edinburgh as Lord Cullen, numbered at  1772 and 1702 respectively. They are therefore "brothers" of Thomas Hamilton with an oath to "defend a brother's character in his absence as in his presence", the fifth of the Five Points of Fellowship - the strongest oath of brotherhood.]

The Scotsman, Tuesday 12 November 1996
[Ed ~This statement by James Douglas-Hamilton was more than four months after evidence was given to the contrary.  So, on which planet was he living?   What stake did he and Government Ministers - such as Malcolm Rifkind - have in making such a ludicrous claim?  Who were they trying to protect?  As Defence Secretary from 10 April 1992 to 5 July 1995, Malcolm Rifkind had primary responsibility for the safety and welfare of the kids abused at Queen Victoria School (QVS).]
Michael McMahon Convener Public Petitions Committee
Ousted (25.11.05) Lord President Lord Cullen
Ousted (04.10.06) Lord Advocate Colin Boyd
Elish Angiolini Solicitor General for Scotland (who became Lord Advocate on 05.10.06)
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Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

Dunblane Massacre
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The stained glass window in St Blane's Church, Dunblane, which commemorates the victims of the 1996 massacre
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We know that the above victims were killed by Thomas Hamilton, but, although we may not care, we do not know for sure who killed Thomas Hamilton, and why that person was carrying a revolver at the time!
Dunblane Cover-up
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Credit to Tom Minogue for unearthing the Spec roll of dishonour and also its founding members.
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