This article was published in the News of the World, 11 days after William Burns brought the Glenn Harrison factor into the public domain with his Petition PE652 LINK to the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee on Thursday, 29 October 2003. LINK

NEWS OF THE WORLD, November 9, 2003

Malcolm Rifkind

Malcolm Rifkind

Lord Cullen

Lord Cullen and Thomas Hamilton

By Marcello Mega

POLICE are probing claims that boys were sexually abused at a military school linked to Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton.

The allegations concern Stirlingshire's Queen Victoria School, which boasts Prince Philip as its patron. LINK 

They came from a former housemaster who says pupils were regularly preyed on by a vice ring of toffs. LINK   [Ed ~ If he was not intrinsically involved, why has Prince Philip never to this day condemned the abuse at QVS, if only to distance himself from it?]

The pervs - some of them major establishment names and close pals with Hamilton - allegedly picked up their victims in flash limos and dropped them off the next day, obviously distressed.  But, says Glenn Harrison LINK, the military code at the Dunblane school meant the kids kept quiet about their ordeal. LINK

The full horror emerged when some of the victims broke down and told him their sickening tales of sustained sexual abuse.  Glenn says one boy was so seriously assaulted in one overnight orgy that he later tried to kill himself.

His claims, now being investigated by Central Scotland cops, could embarrass the original inquiry led by Lord Cullen. LINK

Scotland's top judge heard how 43-year old Hamilton killed 16 pupils and a teacher at Dunblane Primary in 1996.

Three witnesses told of the disgraced scoutmaster's links with the QVS, including organising camping trips for pupils.

But Glenn says he was never called to give his inside info - even though he'd approached the authorities several times.

In his written statement to the police, Glenn who now lives on the Shetland Isle of Unst, says: "My allegations were never investigated. LINK  They never interviewed me.  I did not exist."

Campaigners say the original probe ignored the QVS's links with some of the biggest names in the Scottish judiciary.

Central CID said last night: "We will shortly decide what action is required."

[Ed ~ Eh?  When will that be boys? LINK  When you stir from your perennial coma?  That was 8 November 2003; more than 10 years after Glenn Harrison made formal complaints to you about the abuse. LINK   Even more revelations would come to pass.LINK]

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