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Sarah Ferguson



Terrified Fergie Runs to Andrew

Australia Woman's Day
November 10, 1997
by John Cooke

She believes Diana was murdered - and she's next on the list.

Terrified Fergie is living in fear, convinced princess Diana was murdered, and she's next in line.  Since Diana's death, the internet has been running hot with conspiracy theories about her fatal car crash.

Now as newspapers around the world also report suspicions among senior officials that it was not an accident, Fergie, who has had death threats, has become certain she too is in danger.

Reports claim those who might be responsible for Diana's death include:

  •  Arms traders, upset by her campaign against landmines.
  •  Members of the British Establishment who feared the mother of a future king       would marry Dodi al-Fayed, a Muslim.
  •  The spy agency MI6, because of her links with the Egyptians and Saudis.
  •  Unknown assassins, who attached a "blockbuster", a tiny remote-controlled bomb to the engine of the crash car.

To Fergie, these theories confirm her own worst fears and with her personal astrologer predicting her life could be in danger, she is now terrified.

"Astrology rules Fergie's life," says a close friend.  "She's running scared because her stars predict her life will be in great danger in the next six months."

According to a Palace insider, "Fergie is in earnest - she's in genuine fear.  That's why she secretly asked for extra security on her recent US visit."  She's just one of many who fear that Diana's death was not an accident.  They suspect that forces inside the security services have acted out of misguided loyalty to the monarchy.  "Fergie knows she's not popular with powerful people.  She and Diana faced hostility from their enemies.  Now she fears it has gone much further."

In fact, Fergie has confided, "Diana always believed they'd get her in the end.  Now I'm next on the list."

According to the insider, fear is behind Fergie's recent emotional letter to Prince Charles, trying to make peace after Diana's death, and her desperation for reconciliation with Prince Andrew.

"Fergie is very nervous now about going out alone.  She even asked Andrew to drive her home after her 38th birthday party.  She feels nothing will happen to her as long as she's with him."

Fergie knows returning to the Royal Family will mean she can come under royal protection once again.

"But the last thing the royals want is her back," the insider says.  "That's why courtiers leaked the letter, dismissing it as just the emotional ramblings of a distraught and unstable woman."

After Diana and Dodi died, Arab newspapers claimed that the pair had been assassinated when powerful forces in Britain found out that Diana planned to become a Muslim, marry Dodi and give royal heirs William and Harry half-Arab Muslim brothers or sisters.

While UK officials dismiss such theories, Dodi's father, Mohamed al-Fayed, believes his own investigations have raised many questions, especially over the mystery car which collided with Dodi's Mercedes and then vanished.

Some senior figures in Britain also believe Fergie is right to be fearful.

"They say accidents like Diana's don't just happen", says Fergie's friend.   "Drunk or not, Henri Paul had driven Dodi and other VIPs hundreds of times without incident.   Why should he crash just because Diana was in the car?"

Even respected royal writer and commentator Anthony Holden has added fuel to the conspiracy flames.

"Some senior figures - I've heard it in government circles - believe the crash was no accident."  He reveals.  "No senior royal has ever died overseas, let alone in a bizarre, unexplained accident.

"If the Queen or her children had died in such circumstances, I suspect an official British inquiry would have been inevitable.  So why not for Diana?"

The royal protocol which once stifled Fergie now seems like a protective blanket she wants to share again.

"Her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie warrant royal bodyguards, but Sarah doesn't," says a friend.  "Like many, she believes Diana could still be alive if she had a highly trained British police driver and bodyguard.

"She's taking extra protection but she can't afford full-time bodyguards, and she knows that if she remarries Andrew, she'll get permanent police protection.  She says she won't be able to sleep until then."

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